Sketching Your House Plans

When you first start a home remodel, you will likely have a problem getting started, or you may jump into it. You don't want to start before you have a plan. That includes sketching out your ideas and also looking at the original blueprints of the house. This is, of course, for major renovations, if you are considering adding a new room. Even if you are simply planning to add a new deck or rearrange the components of your kitchen, you still need to figure out the best plan of action. You can also use home remodeling helpers such as the Chief Architect Home Design tool located here.

Start with a Focal Point

If there is something that you want to highlight in a room, such as the space or if you want to create a kitchen around an island, you should use these ideas in your sketch to start with. You can also start with sketching different elements that you like. You should consider the amount of space that you will need and also how your home remodel will change the traffic patterns in your home.

Look at Other Home Remodeling Projects

You can get a lot of ideas and see what else you are missing from a sketch by looking at home remodel galleries. You should learn from the mistakes of others and research about your home remodeling project beforehand. You can find a lot of personal help and feedback from contractors, architects and engineers from message boards, reply forms and chat rooms. For example, you can use House Helpline to talk to other industry professionals and ask questions that pertain directly to your ideas.

Plan For the Future

The project may not be what's right for your home or the space. That's why it is important to consider your options and be realistic about what you are wanting from your home. Besides that, if you plan on selling a home, a luxury bathroom can really go beyond the value of your neighborhood, which would render it useless in a final sale. Vinyl siding on a Queen Anne Victorian will also reduce the value of your home. You should also consider your family's needs in the process of drawing your home remodel. Do you need a new family room? Do you need a nursery? What about storage and saving energy? These are all possibilities that you should think about when sketching out the design.


You will have to create a budget based upon estimated costs to get an amount. In general, it will cost about $100 per square foot to remodel or add a room, but you can get a more accurate estimate from a contractor if you choose to hire one. You may be able to do the renovations yourself if you are handy enough and have some experience. In fact, there are plenty of videos and how-tos located online that will teach you about the different things you need to know to save money in a home remodel project.

The Extra Things

You also need to plan for the extra things. You should negotiate a contract with a team that is going to help with your remodel. You also will need building permits that will allow you to make the structural changes to your home. These permits will be very necessary when you go to sell your home. Without permits, it means that you worked on your home without a license and possibly made structural errors that could be dangerous. You also want to plan for issues and insure that you will have enough money to complete the project should something happen, such as equipment breakdowns, supply shortages, miscommunications and building delays. You should make sure there are a few friendly rules with your team to ensure that they stay on the right track.

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