Managing a House Remodel Project

Even if hiring a contractor, homeowners still are in charge of the home remodel, and they must be present in all the decisions that affect the home. Managing a home remodel project is not easy. You have to be a visionary in design, as well as focus on the build and management of other people working for you. You should possess a very good idea of what you want done every day, meaning that you will need a schedule beforehand that will state what parts of the project will be done. Homeowners should not give management of a home remodel completely to a contractor, because the contractor must still answer to you for his work and the work of his team. You also need to be present for the approval of decisions that will cost you more money or change the materials, or the original design of your home entirely.

You should be fair but tough as you manage your project. You should take into consideration the work that is currently occurring, as well as previous work and future work. Homeowners who are impatient will likely not be happy with a contractor or subcontractor and affect the workflow with a negative attitude. However, if something is supposed to be done by a certain date and time, there should be a reason why it's late and that should be explained to you.

Check the quality of work every day and ensure that the work is being completed as to your specifications. A written contract is important for moments when you spot something that is inadequate. You should not be afraid to speak up. If you behave like a builder, talk like a builder and socialize with your subcontractors, then you will also gain their respect and they will also understand that you know when something doesn't look right. At the end of the day, even if they are your friends, they need to understand you are in charge and it's your home that they are knocking down.

Keep meticulous accounts of all invoices, purchase orders, paid receipts and checks. These should be kept in an organized place, where you can call upon them when you need to. All this information will help you when you need to talk to a contractor about a purchase or decide if you are getting the right materials. You also want to make sure that you insure the workers who will be on the construction site. This is the only way to protect yourself if there is an accident on site.

Workers need a bit of leeway as well. You should allow them to use your bathroom and give them breaks a few times each day, or expect that they will be taking breaks a few times during the day. A lunch break shouldn't exceed one hour, however. You should know when to have a talk with a contractor if it's been two or three hours since they've been on the job site and it's not for a supply run.

Delays do occur. In the case of bad weather, material shortages, labor disputes, and other factors, you will have setbacks in a project. A good manager can manage the changes in these plans and work out an alternative plan for each of these situations with the contractor. If a supplier fails to deliver a material on time, then find another who is more responsible.

You'll find that in management of a house remodel, it will really depend on your time being present but also being social with your contractors. You want to keep a good record of finances, as shortage of money will also give you delays. It's important to talk the most with your head contractor but expect that he will not like to be watched all the time.

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