Other Projects

Homes require all sort of renovation, and these changes can improve your home's security, durability, and energy conservation. Custom plans can also work for incredibly difficult or unique spaces. These areas need more planning beyond the traditional architectural plan, whether you have to plan around an awkward shape, window placement or specific kind of space, such as a basement. These spaces require much different renovation designs. For example, basements need waterproofing, sealing, moisture protective materials and intense lighting to change the space around. There are also specific considerations when remodeling, such as debris removal, clean-up, home insurance and security systems.

If your remodeling project will have you tearing down siding, handling hazardous or non-biodegradable materials, or throwing away a lot of wood and old furniture, then you'll need a debris removal service. Most contractors can help you with the clean-up of your remodel, but other contractors will hire another service to take your junk away. The disposal of these products is incredibly important. You can get into some real trouble for dumping or inadequately throwing away the discarded materials from your home remodel clean-up. You also want to make sure that you are using environmentally friendly methods of disposal.

There are some other unique projects that are specially made for your home, including indoor fire pits, skylights, solar design ideas, sprinkler systems and storage facilities. Whether you want to create new warmth with a fire pit or new light with a solar energy skylight, your home can have light or extreme changes that will change your home's warranty, insurance plan and security inclusions. These are just some of the things that you have to consider when looking at all of the projects with your home's remodel. You can find all sorts of interesting designs and plans through Remodeling Central to handle all of your unique projects.

Home Cleaning

Home cleaning services can provide necessary assistance for large and small homes, whether you have children, pets, or just need a helping hand with being able to keep your house clean. Good housekeepers are generally hard to find. You have to be able to trust someone to keep your house clean and be in your private living areas. In many cases, the privacy disclosures that are included are important to ensure you can keep a relationship with your housekeeper. Sometimes a maid may live on the property, though this is generally if the maid needs to work full time and also is a caretaker for someone in your family. Here are some tips to help you find a good maid or cleaning service.


Think about the areas that you need cleaned around your home. What are some of the chores that you can’t handle on your own? What would you be willing to pay to have someone else handle those responsibilities? A basic cleaning service is going to be a hourly service that will start with some of the messy areas of your home, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Light cleaning may include wiping off counters, wiping down fixtures, mopping, cleaning off windows, and other options. Larger homes may be charged a higher rate because it will take more time to be able to cover all of the areas present in the house. Services like laundry, washing dishes, pet care, landscaping, and mildew cleanup are added on at a later time.

Finding the Right Option

There are usually numerous services that you can discover in the yellow pages or with online ads. You should search for reviews for each cleaning service that you find. For those that have reasonable reviews, you should call ahead to find out what the service is like over the phone and get an estimate. Find out about the prices and see what schedule is available. Consider inviting two or three services to your home so that you can get an estimate and pick an option that would have the most references and experience. This is important for the safety in your home.


It needs to be clear about what you want the maid for you to do if you want to be satisfied with their work. Keep in mind that they may not handle all of the chores that you might want them to because it may not be an offered service. You should look to receive an itemized list that provides prices and a description of the service so that everything is clear between both of you regarding the payment.

Be Respectful

If something doesn’t seem correct, take some time to show the cleaner the problem and then explain what you want. You should do this as politely as possible. Remember, this person is a professional cleaner, not a servant. Explain your thoughts and opinions to them respectfully and if there are any problems with the cleaning experience, let them know in a courteous manner.