Exterior Projects

The first thing everyone sees is the exterior of your home. Through landscape design, siding, roofing, decorative accents and other curb appeal, upgrade your exteriors with latest ideas from those who work in the home design industry. There are incredible new technologies and color theories that can add a brilliant new look to your home's exterior. The front of your home isn't the only thing that people look at. Backyards and gardens are just the beginning for your outdoor renovation project. You can create the perfect outdoor scene for parties, entertainment, family gatherings and barbecues. Hot tubs and swimming pools aren't the only way to add an exciting outdoor oasis. Whether you want to add an outdoor entertainment area, new landscape or even a greenhouse, your exterior projects can define how your exterior flows with your home and define you as a creator and designer.

One of the biggest DIY remodeling projects is a backyard deck. These wooden structures do not have to be so traditional. You can create decks from wrought iron, wood, and even glass. Decks are perfect for creating a flow from your interior to exterior, placing a hot tub, or a safe passage to an above ground pool. These structures are also amazing for picture perfect views. Decks can overlook lakes, pools, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Changing an exterior is an intensive project. You have to provide for structural defects and weather damage. You also want to make sure that you are choosing durable furniture, ready to outlast constant sun and rain exposure. The typical outdoor areas can still require the help of an architect to plan and direct the outdoor space that you have to work with. You may also have to change your interiors to create a better flow throughout your home. For example, if you're adding a sunroom or screened porch area, you may want to tear down a wall to make it more open and provide space to install stairs. From green landscapes and hot tubs to flower gardens and luxurious pools, your exterior designs can really improve the value and beauty of your home.

Exterior Stucco

If it seems that the outside of your home just isn't satisfying you with its appearance anymore, you may want to consider upgrading to stucco siding for the exterior walls instead. Stucco is a fine plaster or cement which is commonly used as a wall covering or for decoration. It can cover up some of the less appealing holes and cracks within the wall and make them look completely like new again. Applying exterior stucco begins with the materials are still soft and wet, ready to be spread upon the walls. Like plaster, it becomes very durable when it has finally dried. There are many homeowners which handle their stucco projects on their own because it is so simple to work with, making it a fun and easy do-it-yourself project when you are seeking to remodel and repair various elements throughout your home.

Remodeling Considerations

Exterior stucco can truly create a unique and elegant style to the architectural design for your exteriors. There are different types of stucco that you can purchase to achieve different effects, for example. Synthetic stucco looks great on window sills, window trims, and foam cornices. Stucco is generally found among Southern and Spanish architecture. The texture is considered to be very innovative and provides a distinct texture for exterior architecture. Having stucco exterior siding can help to keep the elements out of your home, such as rain, ice, and snow. There is also a lot of functionality associated with stucco siding, although it may not compare to the durability of options such as vinyl or brick. Aesthetics is the key to using stucco siding; the textured aesthetic is beautiful with the use of exterior stucco and truly gives a distinctive look that cannot be replicated.


Your budget may become an issue since stucco is known for being an added cost due to the amount of materials and steps that are required. However, it is possible to look towards home improvement store sales, local contractors, and online markets for a few affordable deals if you are certain that this is the option that you want to use on the exterior of your property. Since it is a project that you can handle on your own, it does help to cut down the costs of what you would usually pay for a contractor to handle the project for you. Most homeowners save a great deal of money by adding stucco throughout their home without the assistance of any professional services.

Ultimately, if you are seeking to create a unique style for the outside of your home and you want to have something a little different from the rest of the neighborhood, stucco is a great subtle way to accomplish this goal. Although it is not the easiest to clean, it provides a visual effect that cannot be ignored. If you would like to learn more about exterior stucco or other exterior siding options, then you may want to check out some of the related topics and resources available on this site for further information and guidelines.