9 Elegantly Minimalist Outdoor Rooms That Will Get You Excited For Spring

10-day forecasts are starting to look up, towns across the country that have been covered in snow for the last four months are starting to see it melt, and just last weekend we gained an hour of sunlight. All this can only mean one thing.

Spring is coming.

While we're not completely in the clear yet, what we are sure of is that the worst is over, and warmer, sunnier days spent outside are on the horizon. It's time to get excited for the spring thaw. And what better way to do it than by feasting your eyes on these 9 elegant outdoor rooms.

1. The Underwater Patio

credit: Reddit user louiebaur

The white furniture on whitewashed concrete gives this patio a relaxing, Santorini sort of feel to it. With only a few pieces of wood-framed outdoor furniture, and completely bare walls, it's an intimate setting that won't distract from conversation among the people in it. The only drawback to this patio is that you're not going to get that much sun time on it, but that's what the pool area above is for.

2. The Transforming Living Room

credit: Reddit user fiveSeveN

This one made our list because of how much we wish we had a room with a sliding door that big. The small outdoor patio looks fairly "blah," with only two sad- looking day beds to accomodate visitors -- but open up that door, and your entire living room is essentially an outdoor room. Well done, architect.

3. The Outdoor Party-o

credit: Reddit user BlackShadowRose

We love the L-shape seating featured on this patio. It makes for perfect lounging when guests are few, but great for warm-weather neighborly barbecues as well. The aqua-colored throw pillows complement the pool well, and the black table contrasts the white furniture superbly.

4. The Mid-Century Modern Study

credit: Reddit user WHY-YOU-LITTLE

If we didn't know for sure that this was part of a real home, we would've thought it came off the set of the newest Indiana Jones movie. Everything about this study screams mid-century modern: the perfectly geometric wood-paneled walls, the opennesss, the simplistic choice of furniture, and the wall-to-wall bookcase. We love it all. Make sure not to miss the pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling, acting as a subtle contemporary accent. It's might actually be our favorite part of the entire room.

5. The Rustic Outdoor Living Room

This outdoor living room combines rustic with modern style. We love the openness of the floor plan coupled with the fur-covered furniture. The ample seating centered around that paneled wooden table makes this room perfect for big get-togethers, where the giant barbecue pit would certainly come in handy.

6. The "Dinner And A Dip"

This patio takes relaxation to a whole new level. Aside from the fact that we've never seen anything more calming than a table from which a waterfall spouts into a tranquil wading pool, with the simplistic choice of furnishings, well-placed greenery, and understated table settings, you'll have no choice but to leave your troubles indoors.

7. The Cozy Outdoor Family Room

Kick back and spend the night with family and a few close buddies in this small, friendly space. We're big fans of the outdoor fireplace. On a hot summer day, forget about it -- but during a brisk spring afternoon, or a cool summer night, it's the perfect way to keep you and your guests comfortable enough to spend as much time outside as possible.

8. The Earthy, Elegant Patio

This is the perfect atmosphere for a small get-together: quiet, covered, private, with three small couches all directed toward the center of the room. This setting looks completely organic until you look up and see the crystal chandelier, which contrasts the rest of the space very nicely without looking gaudy whatsoever.

9. The Tuscan Twosome

The smallest, but quaintest patio on our list, is ideal for the spending the night with a special someone. Sit back and sip on some drinks while trading good conversation, or read together by the light of the fire. No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong.

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