13 Amazing In-Home Gym Ideas To Help You Stick To Your New Year's Resolution

For many people, the hardest part about working out is just showing up. Most people will make New Year’s resolutions to work out more and even sign up for gym memberships, but many will peter out of gym attendance before the month is over. To make time in your busy schedule is hard, especially at the end of a long workday when you just want to come home and stay there. That’s why the home gym is growing in popularity - you just need some dumbbells, maybe a treadmill and a mirror to admire your growing muscles. Here are some home gyms who have done it right:

This home gym didn’t let its pragmatic purpose stop it from getting creative with the decor. From the colorful equipment to the art on the wall, you could just as easily be hanging out in here entertaining friends if there were only more places to sit that didn’t require you to lift weights as you do.

Not only does this gym have everything from weight machines to a weight ball, it even has a sitting area! If you get a cramp you can always take a time-out in one of those lovely chairs and admire the view out the window.

This gym really went the extra mile. Not only do they have flat-screens to watch while they run, they sectioned off a whole other room for a jacuzzi to hang out in after their workout! It’s too small to burn many calories doing laps, but it might be the ideal place to cool down.

This gym isn’t squeezed into the home basement, it’s put in what could be the best room in the house. Between the open doorway and great view of nature, only people who are intent on spending a lot of time in their fitness room would have an impressive set-up like this.

You can always tell when people are very serious about working out, because they have dumbbells that are small enough for a toddler or big enough for a professional weight-lifter, and everything in between.

This home gym has the perfect motivation: get through your workout, and then treat yourself to a fruit smoothie from the bar. Or a pina colada. Whatever gets you through your mile-long run.

Here is the perfect example of function plus style. The room is stylish from the white carpet to its hanging chandelier, but it’s still your space to sweat - and the mirror contributes to the overall style as well as when you need to check your form.


Other home gyms have had nice enough views, but no window could compare to this. You are a part of the outdoors between the close-up ocean view and massive skylights! Feeling that ocean breeze will be the pick-me-up you need to keep pushing yourself through the last leg of your run.

This room has the perfect decor for working out - airy, open, and enough equipment where you can workout with a partner for encouragement. The two side-by-side treadmills are perfect for a His & Her workout!



You can tell that this home gym is impressive because it has not just one punching bag hanging from the ceiling, but a punching ball as well. There are so many different things to hit, pick up, and push, you could work out any muscle group you might want to improve!

The more intense people are about their workout, the more they incorporate the equipment into the construction of their house. Hanging punching bags? Pretty invested. Pulleys that come out of the wall? Extremely invested.

Between the shiny floors and bold, encouraging words on the wall, this room feels more professional than personal. You don’t want to have to feel like you have to pay admission before entering your own home gym.


This gym gets extra credit for creativity: it has a barre attached to the mirror. Dancing is a great form of exercise, and it burns a lot of calories so don’t overlook it. Plus, stretching out at the bar can help you warm up and cool down for your other workout exercises.

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