17 Homes That Take Holiday Decorating To A Whole New Level

In the 17th century, Germans combined the pagan’s Yuletide symbols of life and death - the Yule log and evergreen trees - and began to light up their Christmas trees with candles. Christmas trees later became an established part of the season all over the world, and as the candles proved problematic we eventually created electric lights. Now, four centuries later, we are still decorating our trees and now our houses with Christmas lights - but it’s a lot more than the gentle glow of a yule log. Here are 17 houses that, like Rudolph’s nose, aren’t afraid to glow so bright for the holiday season.

1. Stocking, a Christmas tree, presents - it’s like they brought their living room outside, and then super-sized it!

2. This house didn’t miss a single spot. Even the grass gets lights! Luckily the whole house is outlined, so you don’t forget what it looks like in the dark.

3.There are two types of holiday decorators: ones who are prone to using lights, and ones who go all-out with blow-up figures and statues. The train of thought with this house seems to be, “Well, you can never have enough statues of Santa. Or Frosty!”

4. Tis the season… to have your front door guarded by giant snowmen! Eek!

5. This house has it all - Frosty, a Nativity scene, reindeer, shooting stars, carolers, and a rocking horse! Why pick one aspect of Christmas to focus on when you can just throw it all in together?

6. Here is another house that believes in generous use of outdoor figurines - in this case, they managed to fit them on the second story as well! If the candy cane trail leading up to the house isn’t enough to make you feel welcome, the angels and carolers smiling at you from the second story will.

7. While they did manage to rein themselves in a little unlike some of these other houses, this home and yard looks ready to host an electronic dance music festival rather than Christmas.

8. This house gets points for incorporating unusual Christmas colors like electric purple and blue, but you have to wonder how they can sleep at night with their own lights shining in from every window.

9. This house didn’t let its massive size get in the way from decorating every wall and story. It’s not the larger-than life snowman or Winnie the Pooh that draw the eye, but the Santa on the roof who appears to be holding up his reindeer and sleigh.

10. Red and white are both traditional Christmas colors, but you don’t often see them together without green - and this would be why. The decorative lights streaming down the hillside look more like Moses’s river of blood than a celebration for baby Jesus.

11. When it comes to lights, this house clearly has a “go big or go home” policy. Their yard is bright enough at night to read by! Hopefully their neighbors don’t need to sleep at night...

12. The two life-size toy soldiers standing guard at the entrance will probably make you feel more uneasy than safe… but luckily there are roughly 30 angels to watch over you.

13. More of an exhibit in homage to Disney than your average yard, this space is generous with depictions of your favorite cartoon characters, and some old favorites like the nutcracker.

14. The gate and trees of in this yard are so cluttered with lights, you can barely see the house! The Star of Bethlehem couldn’t possibly have shone this bright.

15. Although I’m not quite sure why “High on Life - Adobe” is relevant to the Christmas season, I respect any house that feels the need to include both a toy train and reindeer on their roof. They’re not afraid of overcrowding, and they don’t feel the need to make sense to anyone else.

16. It’s up to you to decide whether the chorus of angels in the window and waiting Santa are creepy or reassuring as you walk by.

17. There are lights that emphasize the architecture of your house, and then there are light displays that completely take over your house and render it invisible.

KellyRose McAleer
KellyRose McAleer
KellyRose McAleer is a graduate of the University of Iowa and a writer for RemodelingCentral. Also, it’s KellyRose. It's not Kelly; It's not Rose. You can find her here

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