Eight Ways to Decorate with Fall Foliage

We are officially at the point in the year when the weather is starting to turn colder – and although it’s not time to hang up Christmas trees or scary witches, you can still decorate your house for the season! Here we have easy do-it-yourself ways to decorate the house with the staples of fall that can be found in your own front yard. 

Autumn Item: Gourds

Pumpkin Table Centerpieces

Besides carving faces on them and putting them on the porch, you can use pumpkins and gourds as table centerpieces! It’s a good way to bring the colors of fall to your table. You can set them around the table by themselves, or embellish them by gluing on leaves!

Autumn item: Leaves 


Decorating with leaves can be as easy as trimming the branches off of a colorful tree from the yard and arranging them as a centerpiece in a vase (or, put a single leaf in a miniature vase for decorating accents!). A branch of jewel-toned leaves is just as decorative as a bouquet of flowers, and can look decorative even as they age.

Candle Holder

This candle holder will let off a perfect golden glow. To prep, dry and press the leaves you’ve gathered overnight. When they are dry, get a clean mason jar and cover it with Mod Podge. Press leaves on, then layer with another cover of MP which will glue, seal, and finish. For added security, you can let the jar dry overnight, then apply a second coat of MP and/or acrylic spray the next day. After that, just set in a candle and enjoy!

Leaf Garland

A good project for kids to help with is the leaf garland. After you’ve collected your leaves (preferably of varying shapes), place a white piece of paper over each leaf. Color over each leaf with a fall-colored crayon: yellow, orange, red, maroon, etc. 

Picture Framed Leaves

The beauty in this craft is its simplicity. All if takes is a few leaves, either bought from a craft store, or previously pressed in a book if you’ve collected them yourself. Place the leaves in an empty picture frame, and you have a great staple for your mantle.

Autumn Wreath

Making a wreath for your front door, mantle, or gate doesn’t take much more than some leaves and a hot glue gun. Your base with be a plain wicker wreath that you can glue as many leaves as you like. Use as many colors as possible – even some green leaves, as they can really bring out the other reds and oranges. 

Autumn item: Acorns

Before using acorns for crafts, soak them in water and then bake them on low for an hour to kill any germs or insects they may be carrying.

To brighten up your crafts, consider spray-painting half of your acorns gold. The mix of brown and gold in your projects will be decorative and bright without crossing over into boring or gaudy. 

Acorns as Fillers

The quickest and easiest way to decorate with acorns in to use them in fill in spaces. Acorns can fill up a decorative bowl or glass to be a centerpiece. If you have a candle in a glass holder, the acorns may fit inside to encase the candle! And remember that vase full of autumn leaf branches? Anchor the branches by filling the bottom of the vase with your brown and gold for an eye-catching display acorns!

Acorn Cap Candles

First, discard any of the acorn caps that are cracked or damaged. Once the caps are clean and dry, you can start. You can buy candle wicks from a craft store (or, has a bag of 100 for $6.50), and reuse candle wax from previous crafts or use beeswax. Place the wicks in the flattest caps if you plan on displaying them on top a mantle or table (otherwise, you could set them to float in water!). The wax you can melt (or re-melt) yourself on the stove, and since pouring the wax into the tiny acorn caps might be tricky, we recommend placing wax paper on top of your work space first. After you’ve poured the wax in, wait for it to cool and then place your new candles in a bowl for a beautiful centerpiece.
You can even substitute the autumn items with pinecones for some of the projects – a pinecone-filled bowl or pinecone garland can be put together just as quickly. In the space of one weekend, you can turn brighten up your living room and make it autumn-friendly!

KellyRose McAleer
KellyRose McAleer
KellyRose McAleer is a graduate of the University of Iowa and a writer for RemodelingCentral. Also, it’s KellyRose. It's not Kelly; It's not Rose. You can find her here

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