4 Fire Pits That Make Us Wish We Had Bigger Yards

Bigger yards and a lot of money. 

Now that summer is in full swing, we love the idea of sitting outside while the sun goes down and starting a fire in your personal fire pit.  Below you'll find our collection of breath taking fire pits.  

1) Fire by the Pool

Image Credit:  Frank Bowman

Can you even imagine how amazing it would be to swimming in your pool. Come up and look out over your fire pit. Your fire pit surrounded by water?  This also happens to be one of our favorite pools.


2) A Classic Updated

Image Credit:  Lotus Haus

Not much to say about this one other than "I want to be there". That open sky, the simplicity of a beautiful summer night under the stars.

3) A Million Dollar View

Image Credit: Lyn & Arthur Dobrin

Sure it may be the fire pit to a hotel but that view is well worth including it in our list (even if we think sitting on the back of a lizard is a little weird)

4) A Fire Pit Water Fountain

Image Credit: Standout Fireplace Designs

We love the play on fire and water. The mix of the two together in this piece is just incredible

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