This Man Who Breaks Into A Garage With A Coat Hanger Shows Just How Insecure Your Home Is
The video below isn’t the first of its kind and nor is it the latest, but it shows a startling design flaw into the average home: a weak spot in the home that criminals can exploit for their own purposes. We may not think of garages as the most secure rooms in the world, but the ease with which the people in the video are able to break into the garage suggests that we’re not doing enough to keep our homes safe.

The Video

This video, uploaded in 2008, isn’t even a minute long and shows how someone with a wooden wedge and coat hanger can break into your garage in seconds. There’s no fancy toolkit, no need for teamwork, and no noise—and it can be done in broad daylight. If you don’t have the right kind of neighbor sitting at their window, watching the street all day, your garage can be broken into right under your nose.