DIY Fabric Headboard

Making your own fabric headboard doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily finish this project in one day or just in a half of a day. There are certain materials and tools involved that you should consider purchasing before hand. The price of this project to complete by yourself is estimated around $75.00 to $100.00. This of course depends greatly on the fabric that you choose, any embellishments you would like on the fabric design and any materials you will need. Of course, if you need extra materials or to purchase materials on the list the price may increase slightly. Remember, another option for fabric headboards that will save money is to use special iron on batting, an existing headboard and leftover fabric from previous projects. This DIY project, however, assumes you will be purchasing all, if not most, of your materials.



Fabric Staples Polyester Batting Finish Nails 3/8” Plywood Anchors Plywood Upholstery Thread Buttons Mirror Hangers



Level Needle Staple Gun Straightedge Pencil Safety Glasses Straight Edge Drill Bits Power Drill

Step One:


Begin by marking the direct center of the plywood using a yardstick to draw a diagonal line with the pencil. Next, draw another intersecting diagonal. With the pencil, mark the two lines that meet. Maintain the diagonal-like pattern by marking the surface with pencil spots for more buttons, ensure they will be 12” apart. You will need your safety glasses for the next part. Using the power drill , start drilling holes through the pencil-marked spots.

Step Two:


You will need to choose a piece of upholsteryfabric. This will need to be 6” or longer than the piece of the plywood on each side. Now, you will need to lay it on a sturdy, smooth surface, leaving the side you want to show, facing down. On each side of the plywood, you will need to cut the batting a couple inches longer.

Step Three:


Start pulling the foam, material and batting tightly over each of the corners on the wood. Then, staple it. Continue this step to ensure you cover hard-like edges on each side of each board.

Step Four:


You will need large buttons for this part. You will need to secure the buttons to the board that is covered with fabric with a upholstery thread and a needle. You will begin by threading a needle through the drilled holes on the plywood that is uncovered. To ensure the buttons are secure, you will lay a finish nail over the drilled holes.

Step Five:


Now you will be able to hang your headboard with the mirror hangers. The mirror hangers will need to be equidistant in the direct center of your headboard. To avoid people from getting hit with the headboard, you will need to use the shortest screws that you can. If you don’t have a wall stud available, you can use a anchor and a level.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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