Giving your Furniture a New Look

Giving Your Furniture A New Look

Once you have changed the color scheme of your household for the upcoming spring season, you may find yourself wishing that you had some new furniture to complete the look. Instead of going out and spending hundreds of dollars on completely new furniture just to coordinate with your household’s new style, you may want to consider these great alternatives for giving your furniture a new look in the meantime. These options are not only reliable and versatile, they are completely affordable for almost any budget that you may be dealing with.

Make Use of Covers

Whether you have a sofa, love seat, or merely an old chair that you’re not that fond of anymore, using a cover can be a great way to make it look like new again. Seat covers and various other types of furniture covers are some of the most popular and convenient options that people use to make their furniture fit in with a variety of different styles and changes throughout the household. The great aspect about using covers is that they protect your furniture from stains and that they can always be washed within your washing machine to ensure that everything stays fresh and presentable. You can find a great selection of covers ranging from as low as $20.

Learn How To Stencil

If you’re not afraid to play with a little paint and you have plenty of ideas of how you could make your furniture look better with some new designs, why not try out stenciling? There are a lot of beautiful and ornate stencils that you can find at your local craft store and use for applying paints to your furniture. This works best with furniture that already has a painted finish, though you can use it in a variety of other ways if you don’t mind experimenting and being creative with your ideas.

Learn How to Refinish

Those who have beautiful wood furniture know how frustrating it can be to make any types of changes to the furniture itself from fear of damaging the wood. However, if it seems that your wood furniture would look better with a different finish or even just being refinished, it’s time to embrace the DIY project of refinishing them within your home. By learning to refinish your furniture and your wood on your own, you’re saving yourself hundreds of dollars which would usually be spent on a professional service. Likewise, there are a number of wood finishes which look great with almost any color scheme that you might incorporate into your home.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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