Breathe New Life into Old Wood with Paint

Breathe New Life into Old Wood Furniture with Paint

Paint is a great way to transform dreary, scuffed, and stained wood furniture that may have seen better days in the past, into something new and exciting that will revitalize your home décor. Or you can simply take the castoffs of others and revamp them in a manner that works with your own personal style. Whatever your preferences may be, you never have to get rid of real wood furniture if you’re willing to invest a little elbow grease in an effort to give old furniture new life and usefulness.

Here are a few great ideas for how you can use paint to give your old wood furniture a second wind.

Paint with Bright Primary Colors for a Kids Room


If you’re feeling truly brave, let your children have a hand in the painting process. It doesn’t have to look perfect in order to be a great fit for your children’s rooms. In fact, the furniture doesn’t even need to be a solid color at all.

Paint characters, let your children cover it with primary painted handprints, find a theme and go with it. The sky is the limit. It will be a fun experience for all and a great way to reuse your wood furniture.

Paint Wood Furniture White for Shabby Chic Flair


More specifically, paint it just a shade or two off white for an “antiqued” look. This style blends in well with almost any décor (the possible exception being an ultra-modern style) and is easy to do no matter how skilled you may be with a paintbrush.

When you’re going for the shabby chic look you’re going to need to use a little wax to help give the furniture a weathered look before you get started. Simply rub a candle over the edges where the furniture would have been worn over decades of use if it were truly antique. The paint will not adhere to the wax in the same way it will the wood. If you want to go with a truly whitewashed look, consider thinning the paint with water so that some of the original wood shows through the paint.

Once the paint has dried, take fine grit sandpaper to the waxed areas and remove the wax so that the bottom layer shows through. You don’t have to work hard to revitalize old wood furniture and give it new life in your home. Whether you’re working with thrift store finds, someone else’s castoffs, or trying to give your old wood furniture a new look and lift, these are great projects you can do in a weekend.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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