Basement Themes and Ideas

Basement Themes and Ideas for Your Next DIY Project

Many people want homes with basements for the extra living space they can provide. However, when they finally get them, they have no idea what to do with that particular space. Here are a few fabulous ideas for making more out of your finished basement space with a few themes that are sure to be a hit.

The Penalty Box


Hockey fans will get a real kick out of this. You can decorate your basement in a hockey theme. This is great if you have a large television you want to place in the basement for watching your favorite team take the ice week after week or if you’re just looking for a great “man cave” type of idea. Shadowboxes are great wall décor with team photos, game ticket stubs, and even hockey pucks that are caught at the games. You might even have a cherished hockey sweater you’d like to hang in a place of honor. Crossed hockey sticks are excellent decorations over the television, and of course, you need to have your own personal hockey net in the corner. Seating should be rugged and suitable for beer and pretzel spills when the officials send the wrong guy to the penalty box (cue “An Innocent Man” playing in the background).

Wild West Saloon


This is one theme that’s a little fun for everyone. You can go with wood paneling, and even get a swinging wood door to go through as you enter the basement. You’ll definitely need a bar that’s fully stocked with your favorite brew and little sarsaparilla (root beer) for the under 21 or non-alcohol consuming visitors to your little saloon.

Many theme parks offer photo taking services that provide Old West costumes, these photos are an excellent idea to take of your family and display in a place of honor in your saloon. You’ll need a nice wooden bar along with bar stools, a comfortable sitting area for more modern pursuits, and perhaps a television, hidden off in the corner for family viewing and watching old westerns.

Red Carpet Movie Theme 

Red carpet isn’t as difficult as it once was for basement floors. Remember you don’t have to go for high quality in this instance, it’s about creating a theme. If you aren’t interested in going all the way red, you might want to consider at least a small runner into the basement. It’s easier than ever to get old or even new movie posters and poster frames to display favorite movies. If you’re serious about your movie viewing experience, leather theater seating is available for a nice investment. Of course you’ll also want to keep the lights low, consider including running lights along the floors and keep a mini fridge and microwave handy in the “concessions” area for a quick fix of your favorite movie snacks.

Picking a theme for your basement can be as much fun as you want it to be. Think about your family’s style and find a theme that will appeal to the family as a group so you can build fond memories together in your new basement.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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