Remodeling the Den

The den is an area where everyone in the family can come together to spend time watching television or participating in more entertaining activities. This is an area that you want to remodel to be more suitable towards your family and their needs. Thus, if you have young children, you want to make a spot for them in the room that may be separate from the older teens or activities meant for older individuals. Since this is a family space, you may want to focus on getting your family involved with the creation of the concepts and ideas that will become part of the finished design of the room itself.



The den is going to be a unique space where your family and friends are going to congregate to spend time together doing various activities. As a result, you want to make certain that it reflects the interests of those who will be using the space the most. It should be an area that will be comfortable for anyone to spend time in and there should be ample space for the storage of your games and other entertainment items. You may want to consider building storage on walls or other areas of the space so that you will have enough room to store everything discreetly without having to invest in a large amount of storage furniture. You can get some ideas for how to remodel your den by looking at pictures online at sites like Pinterest or by using remodeling apps and magazines.



The costs associated with remodeling a den tend to vary. Some people are able to do this project for very cheap because they know how to bargain and don’t mind working on the project on their own. However, there are also people who spend a lot of money on their den because they want to detail it and make it one of the best places to spend time at when everyone is home. Ultimately, how much you spend on your den is going to depend on you and what you want to feature in your room. It’s important to consider what you will need the most and which features would simply be nice to have. Typically you can remodel a den for under $1000 but sometimes it’s a good idea to be generous with how much you can expect to spend on the project in the long run in case you encounter anything unexpected.



You can hire a professional to handle this project if you want to; however, this is a project that is generally more fun when it is done as a DIY project with friends or family. Generally, there are not a lot of invasive or difficult tasks that you have to do to remodel a den, so there are a lot of elements that you can handle on your own without having to spend too much money by investing in a professional service.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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