Laundry Room Solutions

Are you tired of the way your current laundry room looks? Here are some suggestions to help you transform it into something new.

Have Easy Access


One of the overall trends for laundry room’s is that they seem to be moving away from hiding the washer and dryer in the basement. People want to have more direct access to the main activity areas of the house and not have to go up and down stairs every time they want to do their laundry. As a result, homeowners often look for homes were the laundry room is on the main level. The favorite location for laundry is in or right off side of the kitchen.

Have A View


A lot of people like the idea of having a laundry room with a view, such as an outside window. It should overlook the backyard or some other scenic area. Some people prefer to put in a full size bay window or a bow window to make the viewing experience even more enjoyable. The view takes a lot of the frustration out of doing the laundry and makes it more pleasant.

Have Easy Sorting


A laundry room should have sorting bins to make the sorting experience more easier. Having a series of laundry baskets over a long shelf can be very helpful. Each basket can be labeled with captions such as “whites”, “permanent press”, “hand wash”, and other options. You can also use bins for dry cleaning, mending clothes, and sorting clothes for the local shelter.

Hanging Room


There should be plenty of room to hang your clothes. Since there are a lot of clothes that require drip drying, it’s a good idea to have hanging rods near a floor drain in your laundry room area.

Folding Space


A good laundry room will provide a flat and wide area for you to fold your clothes. A countertop surface in front of a window is often an ideal choice. The larger that this is, the better it will be. It should be away from the inevitable loose lint on the top of the dryer.

Good Lighting


It’s always important to have good lighting in your laundry room. It’s impossible to try to match your socks or fold your clothing properly in dim light. There are many people who prefer incandescent lighting to help minimize the glare. The most important element is that your lighting should be even throughout your room.



It’s important not to give up on that space that you need for ironing your items. Ironing is still crucial, even with those dryers that offer pressing options. You can fold up the ironing board and store it away somewhere where it won’t be a hazard; likewise, you can always store your iron up on a shelf if necessary. There’s plenty of space for ironing if you don’t mind setting a little portion of your laundry room aside.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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