Remodeling Creates Possibilities

A unique sense of freedom is found in the process of remodeling when homeowners are aware that there are many different options that are available to address their particular issue with their home. Needing more space in a family room doesn’t always mean that there has to been an additional room created for the house. Unused space within the existing home can be re-purposed to help meet the needs of the family instead. Many homeowners with older homes tend to be controlled by their houses. Every weekend is dedicated to repairing something. They are not choosing to do these projects - the projects are being done out of necessity. These types of homeowners spend more time working on their home than they actually do enjoying it.

Although houses take maintenance, they shouldn’t require so much upkeep that it dictates the amount of time that homeowners can enjoy their own free time. While a large remodeling project does manage to tie up the house for a couple of months, when it is finally finished, the homeowners can spend more time enjoying these changes instead of having to wonder what would require repair next. It’s easier to maintain a freshly remodeled home than it is to be in repair mode all of the time. Homeowners should consider remodeling before their homes reach a state where it would become a physical necessity however. Remodeling because you can instead of because you ‘have’ to is one of the main reasons that can determine whether you get any enjoyment out of your remodel or if it becomes another stressful household chore for you to take care of in your spare time. Most homeowners want to enjoy the time they spend remodeling their homes.

Often times, when homeowners come to contractor companies with ideas, they don’t realize that there are a range of options available that would allow them to solve the existing problems. They see walls or stairs as an absolute that can be worked around. The truth is generally that walls can actually be moved and stairs can be relocated if they want them to be. It is very liberating for these homeowners to realize that there are other options available to them that may be more reasonable to consider. This is especially true when these options actually help them to save money on their remodel in the long run.

Every house has limitations, however. These are structural and also present themselves in code restrictions and building ordinances. However, an architect can generally find more options within a house than the average homeowner would be able to. Architects are trained to see the potential of a house - but is also has to do with looking at the house with a different perspective. Even architects have a difficult time seeing past the barriers in their own homes, but that is because they spend their time constantly in that space, which provides them with more of a homeowners perspective.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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