Making the Decision to Remodel or Move

For most people, deciding to remodel their home does not occur overnight. The decision generally takes a long period of thought and consideration, as well as some savings for the budget necessary to be able to complete the project. Many clients who approach remodelers eventually determine that there is something about their house that they simply do not like. Perhaps it may be too small for their family. Other times, it may be too large because kids have moved out. However, regardless of the reason, the house generally doesn’t meet their needs anymore. This is where homeowners determine that they can either remodel or move out.

Making the decision to remodel or move is a very difficult challenge. Although remodeling is generally less expensive than building a new house or moving into a new home, it’s not always the most inexpensive choice. Many experts suggest that homeowners should spend some time checking out the housing market to discover what is available. They may be able to find something that would actually be cheaper than their ideal remodeling project, as shocking as it may seem. Even if homeowners don’t find a new home, they will at least understand the current market rate, which would help them to evaluate how much they would need to invest in their own home during the upcoming remodel -- without the risk of overspending.

Homeowners that find available homes that are interesting but definitely need some work have other options. They can decide if they would like to make the remodeling effort on the new home or save it for their current home. Although it may be cheaper to handle the remodeling effort on a new home, many homeowners fail to release that moving also involves a lot of expenses and additional stress. Therefore, it may not be the best bargain available. For many homeowners, it comes down to a matter of location. If the homeowners choose to remodel, they can change anything about their house except where it is currently located. If there is something about their lot or situation that’s ideal and cannot be duplicated, then it’s a better choice to stay in their current home. Often times, homeowners choose to remodel based on emotional aspects of their home, elements that have sentimental value. For example, for homeowners who have inherited the house that they grew up in, it would be very difficult for them to sell that house and move away to a new property; but perhaps remodeling would be a more reasonable option.

The bottom line is that choosing to remodel will provide the homeowner with the advantage of being able to customize their home to their family’s wants and needs. Although it can be stressful and require some extra organizing to receive the ideal finished results, remodeling can also be fun, enjoyable, and emotionally satisfying, especially for homeowners who have been longing to make some changes to their current living conditions.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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