Kitchen Remodeling Becoming More Popular Again

Two years ago, it seemed that most homeowners had determined that their kitchen remodeling was mainly used for the goals of resale value. This was during a time when homeowners were being daunted with the prospect of possibly being stuck with a house that they would never find a buyer for. Homeowners who were remodeling during this period had to deal with making kitchen design decisions that would revolve less around what pleased them and more around what would possibly attract a new buyer to their home.

These days it’s much different. Consumer Reports has done extensive interviews with homeowners, architects, and designers which suggest that they are focusing more on creating their “trophy kitchen” instead of remodeling their kitchen to meet the interests of potential buyers. Homeowners are now focusing on remodeling purely for their own interests and needs. Many readers shared what they loved and regretted about their remodeling efforts. Out of over 1000 responses, one of the largest positives that homeowners shared was about their decision to work with their existing kitchen. This didn’t just include the footprint of the space, but also that homeowners were more pleased that they had decided to keep their original cabinets, allowing themselves to repaint or refinish them.

When kitchen remodeling was surveyed five years ago, most homeowners said that they were willing to knock down walls and push out the room five more feet in order to get more space. This typically costs quite a bit of money. As a result, homeowners are seeking options that will allow them to work with the space that they have and make that space work for them to meet their needs more appropriately. In this sense, it would seem that many homeowners are making the decision to scale back their plans a bit and work with something more modestly, but still transform it into their dream kitchen, if possible.

This is not to say that there aren’t still remodeling regrets. One of the most important features in the kitchen is always storage and many people regret not thinking through their needs for storage more clearly. This is something that’s very important because of the popularity of the open kitchen design in our current decade. Open kitchens and family rooms have a lot of benefits, but the downside to this factor is that there are always fewer walls for the homeowners to work with and install cabinets on. This means that the storage opportunities decrease dramatically with the continuing emergence of the open kitchen.

There are some kitchen features and trends which seem to have the opportunity to continue with popularity within the market. Homeowners are very interested in ranges with two ovens below, which provides them with the opportunity to cook two different meals at two different temperatures. There’s also more features being added to refrigerators. French-door styles have become the most popular configuration, along with a middle drawer, which is ideal for households with small children.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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