Mobile Home Remodeling Makeover Ideas

Mobile homes and land home packages are increasingly popular in real estate. The ability to purchase an acre of land and a modular home for less than $80,000 is appealing for many families looking to escape the rental property lifestyle. The issue many new mobile home owners face is remodeling. There are usually aspects of a mobile home and land package that new owners will want to change. In these cases, turning to mobile home remodeling makeover ideas is a great start.

Kitchen Remodeling


Mobile home kitchen remodeling is a first choice for homeowners. There are benefits to the kitchen remodeling process like increasing the value of the home, updating appliances and adding storage space. Kitchen remodeling in a mobile home will take some planning. Plans to remove cabinets or add cabinets for storage space will require locating the studs of the walls and making sure than any additions or removal will not harm the structure of the area itself. An easy solution for mobile home owners is choosing to replace appliances, upgrading the pain and upgrading flooring. These steps can be equally as beneficial to the value of the home. Kitchen remodeling ideas also include new light fixtures, replacements of ceiling lights and replacing window treatments and seals.

Weather Remodeling


Weather remodeling is a concept used to prepare homes for both harsh summer months and harsh winter months. This remodeling project is inexpensive and has utility reducing benefits. A weather remodeling project consists of replacing weather stripping around doorways and windows, exhaust fans and dryer vents. The remodeling also consists of animal proofing the mobile home. This is especially important in areas under the home in the crawlspace. Mobile home owners will replace any broken areas in the skirting and ensure that entrances around the skirting are closed off to small animals that climb in for shade or for heat.

Energy Remodeling


Older model mobile homes are not known for their energy efficiency. A remodeling technique used by mobile home owners is creating an energy efficient environment. Standard remodeling practices are used first to replace lighting, appliances and weather stripping. Other aspects of energy remodeling are used throughout the home to create a more streamlined use of the power outlets so outlets do not overload or cause energy blowouts.

Laundry Room Remodeling


Laundry rooms in mobile homes can be small. This usually is not an issue unless the vents are not working properly. Mobile home owners will remodel the laundry room to ensure proper ventilation. The dryer hose should be replaced and checked for any holes or leaks. The dryer vent area should also be checked to ensure there is nothing blocking the ventilation or that nothing will access the ventilation during harsher months.

There are other remodeling techniques that are used in mobile homes to increase value and appearance. Painting walls, replacing flooring, creating a no carpet environment and updating outdoor areas are available and affordable options. The main aspect to remember when remodeling a mobile home is the structure of the home itself. If necessary, purchase blueprints of the home or have a contractor look at the home to determine wiring and structural issues that can cause a problem with remodeling tasks.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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