Changing your Color Scheme

Another popular choice for remodeling your home during the spring time is making a change to those color schemes that you have incorporated within the previous months. Chances are that if it’s around winter time, you still have a lot of color schemes which are focused on the holidays; they are not at all transferable to the months of spring at all. Other times, even if you haven’t changed your color schemes for the holidays, you may have just grown tired of an outdated color scheme which doesn’t represent your style perspective anymore. Here are some tips to help you switch up the color scheme in your home.

Think about options that would be easy to change within your home and could be easily coordinated to items that you already own. Although you may want to change up your color scheme, you don’t want to change it to a combination of colors which don’t pair well with the décor and the items that you already have present in your household. Likewise, you don’t want to have to go purchase completely new items or décor in order to have it coordinate with your color scheme in the meantime.

You can search through a variety of home magazines and online sites for insight into the types of color schemes and décor arrangements which are currently the most popular. However, this is not to say that you have to do something that is completely on trend. Ultimately, you want to have colors which will showcase your own vision for your household. Arrange a scheme that is unique and looks the best to you. There are many beautiful and vivid color schemes which are not commonly depicted in pictures or media but look gorgeous when seen in person within someone’s household.

If you need help with creating a color scheme or you are curious about other colors that might go well with some of the colors that you have already selected, going to a home improvement store and looking at a color wheel can be very helpful. You can find these within the paint section, generally. If you don’t want to switch up your color scheme by using paint, you might also want to consider learning about the options that are available with wallpaper and various other types of wall décor now. In example, there’s now several brands of removable wallpaper which doesn’t damage your walls at all and can be moved around in your household at your convenience.

Another key point to think about is when your color scheme is going to shift. If you’re going to be focusing on a spring color scheme at the moment, you may also want to pick out colors that will be easy to shift to a summer color scheme in the future. Keeping these sort of points in mind helps you to create multiple schemes while using some similar colors in the meanwhile.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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