Refinishing Your Own Wood Floor

Wood floors tend to be one of the major selling points for older homes. However, the issue with investing in an older home is that generally the floors are very scratched up and are no longer in the pristine quality that they used to possess. The only alternative to this is to consider refinishing the wood floor on your own in order to transform it back to the previous quality. Although you may believe this is fairly complicated, it can actually be attained more quickly and easily than you would normally expect.

Perhaps the most time consuming aspect of refinishing a wood floor is found in sanding it down to its raw quality. There are a lot of different ways that you can accomplish this. Generally, sanding machines are not recommended because there’s no way to differentiate when you have managed to sand down the planks too far, especially if you are not familiar with the process of using these types of machines on flooring. Despite that it is more time consuming to use sand paper, it’s ultimately the best way that you can achieve the results that you want without damaging the wood.

After the floor has been sanded down correctly and you have removed the amount of dust that remains from the efforts, you can begin to work on the finishing process. If you have questions about the finishing process, you can ask one of the representatives at the local home improvement store about different types of polishes and finishes that you can use to get the ideal result. It is important that you should start finishing your floor in a well-ventilated room. Depending on the type of finish that you want and the instructions that are listed on the product, you may have to use several coats of finish before you get the ideal result.

Afterward, you should allow the floor to cure and dry for the period of time listed on the product that you used for the flooring. Usually, you have to wait a period of three days without walking on the floor. However, there are many times when you may have to wait for a week before the floor is actually suitable for use. You can also combine different finishes and polishes in order to create different styles and designs on the final version of your floor; this option is ideal if you are seeking to make a more intricate style.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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