Creating a Garden Bedroom for Children

The cost of children's from the core can be incredibly expensive. For this reason, many parents have resorted to recycling, up cycling and repurposing items to create do-it-yourself home improvement projects for their children. One way to create a theme bedroom that fits within a budget and can be done in a weekend is to create a garden bedroom for children. Here are a few ideas to get started.



The essence of a garden bedroom scene for children is the paint job. A great way to create a garden bedroom atmosphere is to paint the garden onto the wall. Start off with a meadow and sky base. When the base is completed and dried, allow the children to paint their own flowers and grass along the baseboard and borders of the room. This will allow the children to be part of the do-it-yourself project while freeing up some time for the parents to do other aspects of the project that may be more dangerous for the children to assist with.

Repurposing Wooden Fencing


An element that has been used in several garden bedroom designs for children and do-it-yourself projects for children are pieces of wooden fencing. In fact, there are several design concepts that utilize a white picket fence gate as a headboard for twin size and full-size beds. The smaller picket fencing can also be used around the room as an attachment to the wall. This will offer a dimensional look to the garden bedroom and allow the children's flowers to peek through like they would with a regular fence. Remember that any wooden fencing that is repurposed for this project should be sanded down for rough edges and points. In fact, if the fencing has pointed notches that should be rounded off to prevent injury.

Artificial Flowers


A lot of homeowners and renters may have artificial flowers that they have been wanting to find another use for or get rid of all together. These artificial flowers can be used in the children's garden bedroom design. The flowers can be laced through the fencing or attached throughout the room to various items. One way that families have utilized artificial flowers is by creating a flowered ceiling. By interlacing artificial flowers with wooden branches, that have been cleaned of course, a canopy type atmosphere can be created in the garden bedroom.

Colored Lights


Reusing colored lights from various holidays can be useful in a garden bedroom do-it-yourself project. White lights, blue, and orange lights can be used throughout the room to get a night light look, an enchanted canopy look and to offer a similar look of lightning bugs throughout the room. This is an easy addition to the do-it-yourself renter and can be easily removed if a problem arises. Remember to leave the plug for the lights at a reasonable level so that they can be plugged in easily but can also be unplugged right after children go to sleep.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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