New Designs for Teeny Tiny Bathroom Spaces

Tired of the lack of space in your studio bathroom? Maybe you've got a guest bathroom that's just too small to put any real design into it? Think again. There are some awesome ways to incorporate top designs into small bathrooms and achieve a look that isn't cluttered. In fact, much of these designs are effortless and totally renovate the space while not taking away any functionality from what a bathroom's supposed to be for. Here are some of the top designs for small bathrooms and a few tips on how to achieve the look.

Dark Overlays

If you have a window for your small space, try some darker colors, like dark green, navy, or even black. You can use different patterned wallpaper such as a wood scene wallpaper that has a basic black color with white, ethereal trees. Combined with the white fixtures, natural light and small shag rug in the center of the bathroom, this is a perfect look for a little guest bathroom or petite powder room.

Glass Enclosures

You can open up the space a lot by installing a glass shower enclosure or even going for a sheer shower curtain. The transparent glass or curtain will open up the space, allowing for an illusion of more than what you actually have. You can simply see from one entrance to the end of the room, thus giving the impression that there's more to go around.

More Ground Space

If you do have a teeny space, try to get rid of cabinets on the floor and opt for a pedestal sink. You can add shelves to the walls, even small cabinets, to still get more storage but alleviate the ground space to have more room to walk around and do your bathroom routine. There's a lot of floating storage ideas too, such as drawers and cabinets made for the bathroom that actually attach to the wall. To make it even more special, add in fixtures like wall lamps or simple art décor to build up and still get some style.

Renovation Overhaul

If the space just isn't working, why not just downsize the fixtures and move things around a bit. You can change the location of a toilet, opt for a smaller sink and design your space to include wall-mounted items. An overhaul is absolutely necessary if you just don't like your bathroom the way that it's designed and require more space to get around. In addition, it can provide ideas for other things to do while renovating, such as redoing the walls to a tile mosaic or refinishing the floors.

Class It Up

Since the space is small, you can get higher quality items but for a decent price to fit in your little space. Think about marble sinks, lavish fixtures and decadent wallpaper to create a small bit of heaven out of your bathroom. The ornate designs and fixtures will take away from the cramped space.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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