New Remodeling Products: Easier, Greener, and Faster

Thinking of doing some remodeling and want to replace some items in your home with the newest materials? There are some incredible new ideas out there from interior finishes to eco-friendly walkways. These products can help you finish a project and give you better control over common house problems, such as moisture and mold damage.

New Building Material

Benjamin Obdyke recently came out with a new kind of house wrap that allows you to remove 10 times more bulk water than the standard house wrap. The house wrap is also unique because it looks like there are multiple small fibers, almost like metallic bugs, along the house wrap. However, these enable the wrap to create a better gap and enable water to drain from the wall faster than normal house wrap. See this new material at

New Insulating Foam

Want something that insulates and protects your home from bugs? The designers behind Great Stuff insulating foam have added a new bittering agent that allows you to block out pests, providing a bug barrier built into the insulation. The bugs will have to chew through the foam, but they won't like what they taste. The new "Pestblock" foam contains no pesticides and is able to form a barrier that will last a long time, both airtight and water resistant. See

New Concrete Demolition

You no longer need the dust, noise or fumes of a jackhammer. Ecobust is a new product that will break apart any rock or concrete in an environmentally friendly way. When you combine this product with water, Ecobust has a powdered mixture of natural ingredients that expands and exerts pounds of pressure on the rock and concrete. All you have to do is simply drill into the stone that they want to bust up, pour in the mixture and give it time to cure. In 24 hours, the rock will break apart into management pieces to remove. You can visit this amazing new product at

New Fire Protection

As with the new 2012 IRC fire protection requirement for multifamily and single family homes, Weyerhaeuser has added Flak Jacket protection to Trus Joist TJI joists to meet the new building code. The new coating allows homes to build joists in just one hour from floor to ceiling. Now you can be compliant and have a faster new structure. Check out

New Dust Control

When you're working on a remodeling project, you need to close off certain parts of the house. Well, ZipDoor has a new product out that's ready to handle your air clogging messes. ZipWall was the first system that enabled you to seal up part of your home easily with tape and zippers. The new ZipDoor does the same thing, only the company promises you can seal a door in less than a minute. The product is also fire-rated plastic sheeting to make it safer. See

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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