Creating the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Space

An outdoor entertainment area should naturally flow from one space of your home to the next. Outdoor entertainment areas are the new trend in remodeling projects, according to Mark Franko of Franko-LaFratta Construction in Richmond, Virginia. According to him, he has completed three outdoor projects in the past year. He attributes the climb in remodeling projects to the recession, saying that people like to remodel during these low economic periods. Adding an outdoor entertainment space can be a moderately expensive affair, especially if you don't have a platform for a space. If you don't already have a deck or porch area, you'll have to build the foundation first.

Franko says that an outdoor space needs to be able to view its surroundings with open walkways and viewing spaces. On an outdoor deck, you can use a porch covering to add a covered entertainment space. If you already have a covered patio area, you can use lighting to your advantage. For Franko's outdoor project, he used a combination of lighting and furniture to create an elegant yet country look with wooden dining table, wrought iron chairs, comfortable couches and sparkling iridescent lights.

Your outdoor space must also speak to your home's aesthetic. The ambience of your interior should correspond to your outdoor look. If you have complementing color tones and furniture choices, the spaces will easily flow from one room to the next. If you have very little space, you should consider smaller furniture and a single table or you could possibly extend your backyard porch to allow for more room.

You also want to do a lot within the space that you have. For example, in Franko's most recent project, he moved the porch back two feet so that he could evenly space the columns and create additional attention for the focal point, an outdoor fireplace, which is finished with stucco. Surrounding this area with cozy seating sets up an area to relax during even a chilly night.

Outdoor spaces can truly benefit your home. Guests enjoy a charming exterior and will be able to enjoy water views or just relaxing by the pool. It's important to remember your day time and seasonal space in addition to how your entertainment area appears at night. You can add ceiling fans, subtle wall décor and vibrant colors to brighten any space.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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