Wine Cellar Redux

In most rooms, a wine cellar is an extravagant expense, and not just for what's stocked on the shelves. Rack room design is usually comprised of multiple wooden shelving units with chilled interiors for certain types of wine. However, the popularity for wine cellars is increasing. Full cellars with humidity and temperature color are a pricey remodel, starting at $75,000. You can end up paying a lot for a decorative place to store your favorite dinner treats, too.

Basement storage is the prime way that many hold onto their fine wine collections. Homeowners will often choose a reliable contractor to design and build a suitable rack room for the space and budget. Custom racks are the most costly. However, that is the best way to increase storage and maintain the quality of the wine. Custom racks include large diamonds for magnum sized wines and three-bottle trapezoids. Hardwood like white oak is the best for building racks, because it doesn't hold moisture or rot, two very important characteristics for a wine cellar.

Cellars are a challenge to design, because they must hold the bottle a certain way while allowing a certain amount of humidity and ventilation into the room. A wine cellar that is not properly created will end up damaging the reason for its existence. Wine cabinets add a decorative piece to wine cellars. They also maximize storage. The double-pane doors on wine cabinets should be sealed with weather-stripping and high-power magnets. With a condenser unit installed on the roof of the row house, you can control the temperature in your wine cellar.

Wine cellars also benefit from having tasting stations, which are decorative afterthoughts. Something like a glass holder and vanity, allow you to taste wine right out of the bottle. They also look exceptionally well when paired with a uniquely designed cellar.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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