Glass Railing Installation for Decks

Deck design often can seem the most demanding. You have to use so much wood to create an outdoor space, and you have to know exactly how to build the deck to maintain safety. However, there are new deck designs that are foregoing at least part of the wooden design. If you've ever built a deck with a wooden railing and gate, then placed furniture only to find that your gate is too high or that you can't really see through the wood, a new type of glass railing is becoming very popular for deck remodeling projects.

The Genovations Glass Railings are by Genova Products and feature aluminum channels that support the top and bottom rails with die-cast metal brackets that add strength to hold the glass in place. The new deck designs simply remove the wood from in between the top and bottom of the deck fence, replacing with the flat glass panels, which are spaced with enough room in between to give the look of open space.

The views with glass railings are intensely maximized. You don't have to change much about your deck either. You can simply saw your old deck railings away and sand down the rough edges, then add the glass panels in between. The glass panes are available in 6 and 8-foot sections, with six decking-coordinated shades. You can view the products on Genova's website

While wrought iron and small wooden stakes can also offer better views, you don't have to buy as many glass panels in order to achieve this look. In addition, there is still a part of your views that are obstructed by these types of railings. Genova's glass is also stronger than most wooden and iron bars that you may choose to place on your deck.

To order the glass railings, you can call 1-888-309-1808 or contact them directly if you are in the Michigan area at 1-810-744-4500. Genova does a variety of work, including plumbing, rain gutter, marine and RV, decking and railing, lattice and wire management.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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