Inspired by Art: Swatches that Match Your Artistic Tastes

Picking colors is hard enough for one room, but for a whole house, you may be in trouble. That's why some designers suggest that you pick colors based on a favorite painter. You can find that painters are often decorating their paintings and choosing corresponding color palettes that make a lot of sense. You can get a great idea of what to color your rooms from an artist who uses indoor colors that work with natural light and furniture. You can look through books of these paintings and choose the paintings that have the colors that speak the most to you. There are some other ideas for choosing paint colors that may help you.

Pick a Tool to Help

There are plenty of tools online that can help you pick out a paint color. Sherwin-Williams especially does a great job of supplying information on different paints as well as allowing you to see what a paint color can do for a room. You can use the Sherwin-Willians Color Visualizer to see what the colors will look like in different rooms. Pottery Barn's Experience Colors will also let you see the Benjamin Moore PB colors on the walls in specific rooms. Ralph Lauren Paint Your Own and Glidden's Color Palette are two other color tools that you may enjoy using to pick out your colors.

A Good Tip

You should always pick a paint color based on floor color and cabinets if it's in the kitchen or bathroom, since these are items that won't change. You also don't want to pick a color that will incredibly darken your space. You can always use several types of paint and just use the swatch palettes to preview the wall color beforehand. If you have wood floors and cabinets, you want to pick a color that will intensify the wood color.

Find Some Inspiration

Art is one way to pick colors, but you can also look at pictures of homes and see the flow of paint from each room. If you have rooms that open up into other rooms, then you'll need to pick colors that complement one another. You can find images of two colors by searching online or you can go to a wallpaper store and look in the wallpaper books. These books will often show you different color combinations that will work well together.


Your paint should reflect the lighting in the room. You want to make sure that the lighting complements the rest of the room throughout the day and year. You can put samples of paint on the wall, or you can paint a board that you can move around the room to see how it would look throughout the day in the room. It's important to not make a room too dark, which can lead to a gloomy mood.

Use Technology

You can take pictures of your home and rooms inside. Upload your photos to your computer and use a program like Photoshop or something similar to open the photo. You can use a paint tool to recolor your walls and see what colors really work with your furniture and floors. You can play with brightness and contrast to see how the rooms will look with different lighting.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.

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