9 DIY Home Remodeling Projects To Do While You're Snowed In

While there are a few parts of the country that have remained unscathed by mother nature's polar wrath, most of it is currently seeing record snowfall and all-time low temperatures. That means you'll probably be spending some time inside, whether it's because your car is buried in a snow bank, or you're heeding that wind chill advisory in effect until the first of never. Here are a few remodeling projects you can do while you're stuck at home until this arctic spell finally subsides.

1.Refresh your interior

Whip out your paint brushes and your rollers. It's time to revive your interior.

In case you haven't heard, Benjamin Moore named 2015 the year of Guilford Green, which is great because you won't have a hard time incorporating it into your home. It's a subtle, silvery green that likely won't clash with most of your current decor. If you're hesitant to completely repaint everything, start small with an accent wall and see if you like the look. Then, move on to more walls until you finish a room, and leave it for a week to see if it grows on you. If it does, go wild with some of these projects. If not, you can always try some of the other trendy paint colors hitting the shelves in 2015.

2. Transform that empty space

So your kids finally moved out in the Fall and you've been brainstorming what to turn their empty room into. Well, first consider your home's needs. Are you always hosting out-of-towners? Maybe you transform it into a guest room. Do you work from home? Maybe turning it into a home office is your best bet. Do you have friends over every Sunday to watch the game? Maybe there's a "Man Cave" in your future. Whatever your hobbies, desires, or needs are, you'll find 12 creative ways to transform that space here.

3. Make your kitchen way bigger

We know what you're thinking, and no, you don't need to be handy with any type of saw, hammer, or power drill to make this happen. The trick is to use light, color, patterns, and clutter to give the illusion that your kitchen is much bigger that it is. This project you could easily do in an afternoon, and the most difficult thing you'll have to do is move a few pieces of furniture around (if that).

4. Install your own tile backsplash

This project is one a lot of people will just go ahead and hire a contractor for, mostly because they don't realize how easy it is to do. Granted, you'll need a little bit of home improvement experience -- you'll be cutting tiles and applying grout, so if any of that sounds foreign, maybe it's best to stick to the less involved projects unless you want to take the time to learn the process. But really, we promise, it doesn't take much to understand, and the whole project shouldn't take you longer than a weekend.

5. Install your own ceiling fan

Okay, so chances are you probably won't be turning on your fans anytime soon, but it's a good project to get done in advance so that when the sweltering heat of summer hits, you can flip a switch and get instant relief. This is another one you might not feel comfortable with unless you have some DIY experience, but there's never a better time to learn how to use a keyhole saw or a socket wrench. Everybody has to start somewhere, right?

Make sure you get the right sized fan, and a ceiling fan kit, a mounting bracket, a utility knife, and a socket wrench. Everything else you'll need you can find at home. Once you get started, this project could take anywhere from a few hours to a weekend. Check it out here.

6. Add some drama to your room

If you're still looking for a way to put a new spin on an old, tired room, try painting some stripes on your walls. They do a great job of drawing the eye to accent pieces, so if you have a room in your home with a particularly interesting piece, this is the place to start. Also use them to un-dull a boring bathroom, or to add depth to a smaller bedroom.

7. Make a fabric headboard

Don't be intimidated by the fact that you'll need to use a staple gun and a power drill for this's actually perfect for beginner DIY'ers. You'll need some fabric, plywood, buttons, and a few other easy-to-find materials, but you'll be able to finish the whole thing in no more than five steps. Doesn't sound too bad does it? It's a great way to make your bed look more elegant without spending an arm and a leg. Give it a try.

8. Give your furniture a new look

Sometimes if you want to give your room a new look, it's best to focus less on the room itself, and more on the furniture in it. There are three ways we recommend trying: refinishing, covering, or stenciling. Covering is an afternoon-long project, refinishing will take about a weekend. Stenciling (if you don't know how to do it) will probably take a little longer, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't make an attempt to learn something new!

9. Maximize your closet space

Similar to enlarging your kitchen, this project is all about getting clever: shifting things around, getting rid of clutter, and using vertical space to your advantage. Here are five clever tricks you can use to make your closet hold more than it ever could.

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