9 Ways To Keep Your Home Bright And Beautiful After You Take Down The Christmas Decorations

Once Christmas is over, you will either be happy to get your house back or missing the comforting crowd of holiday decorations that have gone back to their boxes. Either way, you’ll have to look ahead to January and what opportunities the month offers in the way of decor. January is not known for much - no major seasonal changes or holidays, and it can be the time of year when people really feel the winter blues. So perk up your house with these tips, and your newfound coziness will carry you through the last of the winter months.

1. Enjoy the Space

Ah, yes! With a bare mantel, counters, and fireplace your living room may be feeling a bit empty and bare. But that doesn’t mean you need a clutter of knick-knacks set out to make you feel cozy again. Soak in how clean the room looks now, and how spacious it feels to declutter. But if you still want to decorate your windows and tables, do it wisely and...

2. Add snowflakes

January is when winter is in full swing - some parts of the country might have a white Christmas, but if it’s going to snow then January is definitely your month. This is the time to highlight all of the snowflake decorations that were squeezed out by the hanging angels and Santa figurines. Cut out paper snowflakes with the family, or arrange blue, white, and purple snowflake stickies on the windows together. Sure actually making your way through the snow can be miserable, but admiring the artistic snowflakes around your house will remind you of the magic of the freezing season.

3. Pop in color

What’s a great way to fight off the winter blues? Brighten up your cloudy days with a new fuchsia wall clock, or lime-green tasseled throw pillows! If it doesn’t clash with your current decor, a splash of summer color can warm up any room. The bright color will also catch your eye, so you don’t notice the bare decoration-free areas. On the other hand, you can...

4. Add white accents

White accents can make the rooms in your house pop, especially in the grey months of January. White goes with anything - neutral palettes, bright colors, dark, etc. You don’t want to go overboard and wash out your room, but white throw pillows, lamps, picture frames, or plant holders will go a long way in waking up your living space. And speaking of plants...

5. Go green

Having a Christmas tree is magical not only because of the ornaments of lights, but because we get to take a bit of the outside indoors with us. Even if you use a fake Christmas tree it’s such a comfort to have the big green presence in the house - after the New Year when the tree is put away your room may seem lacking in vitality. But plans will take care of that. The plant world outside may be dead and hibernating, but some friendly green leaves poking out from the side-table will remind you that spring will be here before you know it.

6. Keep what you can

Candles are a big part of Christmas, but they won’t look out of place around the house at any other time of year - they’ll actually make a nice addition to any open surface. You can keep you wreath up too, as its evergreen branches are destined to stay alive all winter. Your poinsettia may be dead, but if you can keep it alive it makes a beautiful, and open addition to any room it brightens. The stockings will have to go, but any snowmen figurines can stay.

7. Embrace winter in your house

I bet you didn’t know there was so much winter paraphernalia. Far from being restricted in your decorating plans, you have more room for creative expression than expected. Not only can you recycle winter wreaths, you can fill a glass jar with silver pears, or bring in a piece of driftwood or an interestingly-shaped stick as long as you sand it down and paint it white. Bringing nature indoors will make you feel more connected to the outside world, even in the most isolating of seasons.

8. Keep the lights up.

If you’re going to bring the outdoorsy parts of nature inside, why not some outdoor decorations? Christmas lights make a fun edition to any room of the house, from a bedroom to the basement, you kitchen or your living room. Just hang them from wall hooks and bask under the additional glow to the room. Whether you use white strands of lights or multi-colored, the extra ambiance will make you feel warm inside.

9. Go back to Thanksgiving.

You’re recycling Christmas decorations already, why not see what Thanksgiving adornments you can reuse too? Grab your autumn acorn-cap candles, pumpkins-turned-vases, and keep those family photos up. January can still be festive if you like, so grab a few favorite ornaments and use them as accents in your foyer to keep the holiday spirit alive - but only until Valentine’s Day. Then it’s time for hearts.

KellyRose McAleer
KellyRose McAleer
KellyRose McAleer is a graduate of the University of Iowa and a writer for RemodelingCentral. Also, it’s KellyRose. It's not Kelly; It's not Rose. You can find her here
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