How To Decorate Your Bathroom For The Holidays Without Making Your Guests Uncomfortable

As soon as the holidays start rolling around, it’s typical to want to spread the joy throughout every room in the house. But the key in decorating your bathroom for the holidays is subtlety. Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is coming, they don’t need a 3-foot tall Turkey staring them down by the sink as a reminder. It’s possible to get your bathroom into the holiday spirit without going overboard.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Space

Most bathrooms aren’t that large to begin with, and adding decorations only makes them feel more cluttered. Choose your decorations carefully, and make sure that they’re adding something unique to the atmosphere. One statue of a pilgrim couple is cute, but it’s not something that needs to be repeated on every open surface. Your bathroom should still look like your bathroom when you’re done, not a themed tribute to Plymouth.

Decorate Wisely

Let’s be honest, the bathroom isn’t a great place to display the goods. During a party every surface inevitably gets wet, you have people of all ages coming through who might knock over anything breakable, and no one wants to pause long enough to admire your ceramics. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Buy user-friendly accents like bars of soap in the shape of leaves, or hand towels depicting a turkey wearing a pilgrim’s hat. Just know that buying a themed shower curtain is probably taking it too far, and...

Don’t Get Gaudy

This is an easy mistake to make. After you arrange your favorite ornamentations around the living room, kitchen, and foyer, your bathroom may bear the brunt of the reject decorations. The garland of fake leaves that’s seen better days isn’t going to look any better draped over the bathroom mirror than it would have over the fireplace. And the lifelike turkey statue you bought from Goodwill isn’t festive, it’s just odd. If you didn’t want it displayed on the mantle, is it really worth putting in your bathroom? Try decorating with the heart. Grab the turkey drawings your kids traced with their hands from out of storage and pin them to the wall near the sink, where your guests can admire them. Handmade crafts will beat out a giant, shiny cornucopia full of fake food on the toilet tank lid any day. Think less Martha Stewart, and more Norman Rockwell. Which leads us to...

Limit Your Holiday-themed Figures

Sure, a Turkey-face toilet cover and matching rug might seem cutesy. But really, it’s over the top. Although Thanksgiving was supposedly started off of a Pilgrim-Native American alliance that ended in a feast of turkey, today the holiday means something different. We use it as the time between Halloween and Christmas to be grateful for all we have, and your decorations can capture that transition as well. Use some of your leftover Halloween decorations. Turn around a jack o’lantern, and it can become a vase for autumn flowers. Or, paint your pumpkins white, then glue on red, yellow, and orange leaves from outside. Thanksgiving is a celebration of our bounty, and that’s the part you’ll want to reflect in your décor. You can do this by…

Capturing the Spirit of the Holiday

So what is Thanksgiving, if not an excess of fowl and pioneer? Well, it’s a time of warmth, emotionally and literally. Thanksgiving is the time to keep out the candles from Halloween and let your bathroom glow. With the pumpkin candle holders recycled from All Hallow’s Eve or homemade from acorn caps, your bathroom will have a cozy harvest theme that subtly resonates. Take advantage of this time of year

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