The Beginner's Guide To Decorating With Pink

The color pink comes with a lot of baggage. Most people reserve pink for a young girl’s princess-themed bedroom, or never use it in their home at all. Although pink can be used for a feminine space, the hue is so much more versatile. Pink can be energetic or whimsical depending on what you dare to do with it. If you’re unsure how to give pink a chance in the other rooms of your house, we have assembled some tips to help you.

Color Schemes

When decorating a room with the color pink, the obvious and safe color palette choice is white and pink. It’s a good look, combining chalky matte molding with powder pink – but it’s also overdone. Magenta can make a room come alive without taking it over when you combine it with brown, green, khaki, and blue patterns. A dusky rose can be used to make chocolate and gray pop. While a black and white monochrome scheme may appear elegant, adding pink elements to the room will give it warmth.


When guests walk into your house, they should get a bold “hello.” One way is paint your foyer wall with a pink lime wash paint, which has small crystals to reflect light coming in through the door. The reflection will be a subtle glitter, but you can also go with an electric pink wall if you’re feeling daring. A bold foyer will immediately tell visitors that your home has style. Not a bad first impression.

Dining Room

A dining room is the perfect place to show that pink is a comfortable color for people. Paint the walls a shade that has undertones of raspberry and rose to make everyone feel comfortable. Pink’s opposite on the color wheel is yellow-green, so bring in furniture of this color for drama. Or, add textiles with other calm hues and an antique dining room table set for the feel of a genteel ladies’ club. That’s the great thing about pink – its diversity. You can make the room vibrant or calm, depending on how you fill it in with furniture.


Most people forget that a bathroom is the perfect place to have fun with decorating. Instead of playing it safe, why not take advantage of all of the possibilities? The bathroom is its own space, and doesn’t have to blend in with any other room. Make it glamorous with a pink chandelier and ceiling. A subtle pink palette will be perfect to offset the grandeur of a white marble sink. Use metallic where you can – for the fixtures, the mirror frame, etc. When you combine pink with metallics, the result will feel sophisticated like haute couture cotton candy.

The New Neutral

Instead of viewing pink as an abrasive color, view it as a neutral color. Many houses try to use conventional neutral colors, but white and beige are for hospitals and offices. Try using a pale pink to soften a room. You can buy a shade of pink that’s so close to white you’ll have to look twice, but it’s noticeable in the warmth it adds to a room. Plus, while pink is capable of making a statement, it is also a subtle partner to a wide variety of colors like taupe, black, purple, and dark green.

Your Bedroom

Yes, you’re an adult -- but that doesn’t mean that pink is off-limits to you! Combine an orchid pink with plum shades in your bedroom. The result will feel cozy and chic, like you’re living in a perfume ad.

Guest Room

Guest bedrooms can be tricky in general, because they need to be compatible for any type of guest. One mistake is taking the “safe route” by making the room so neutral it ends up feeling cold. But a guest room can easily be personalized with a tropical aesthetic. Start off with mauve walls, and use yellows and greens for the carpet and bedding. With mahogany furniture and some leafy green plants, you’ll have a comfy room ready to welcome any visitors. For more guest room ideas, click here.

Enhancing the living room

Pink is really just a lighter red, so if you’re looking to add a more mature vibe to your living room add vintage red furniture. The color will have faded to a pink hue, but it makes a strong statement all the same. You can supplement the pink with brown textiles in the room to create a cozy space to watch TV, or enhance other neutral colors with red, pink, and purple wall art to make the room more cheery.


Pink can add energy to a room – it’s passionate! If any rooms are feeling lackluster or their color balance is leaning on one color too heavily, throw in some pink. A bit of coral can go far in a room that’s being overwhelmed by the color blue. You can break up the monotony with accent clocks, lampshades, throw pillows, curtains, or rugs. And don’t forget how extensive the “pink” family is. Anything from mauve to salmon is fair game and will help bring your décor back to life.

KellyRose McAleer
KellyRose McAleer
KellyRose McAleer is a graduate of the University of Iowa and a writer for RemodelingCentral. Also, it’s KellyRose. It's not Kelly; It's not Rose. You can find her here
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