5 Clever Ways to Maximize Your Closet Space
Many homeowners think there are only two ways to view space in the house: remodel things drastically to physically create more space, or deal with the limitations that are present. And then there’s a small portion of homeowners who know there’s a middle space in between, where all it takes is a little bit of clever reorganization to seem as though more space was created. In this post, we’re going to be taking a look at how you can use these tricks to maximize space in your closet, and all without having to break the bank.

Cut the Space in Half


Unless you’re 10 feet tall, it’s highly unlikely that the shirts and sweaters you hang in there will come anywhere close to reaching the ground. So if that’s the case, why not double up on the existing rods you have to create space for twice as many garments? Measure the length of your longest shirt and leave an extra four to six inches of space off the floor, and then put a rod in there. Once you’ve put that rod in place, do the same for the upper rod, again leaving a buffer space of four to six inches. You can also opt to fold your sweaters and put them on shelves to save even more space; this is a practice you should be doing with your pants instead of hanging them. To learn how to fold pants the right way, <a watch?v="VG6zOD0EtqE" href="”">visit this link.

Use the Vertical Space Trick


Sometimes, installing extra rods in your closet just isn’t an option, but there’s still a way around it to create more space. We’ve actually got two ways you can go about this, with the first involving <a watch?feature="player_embedded&v=YDOxYV0JIMs" href="”">soda can tabs. Wedge a tab off a soda can and then slide it down a hanger hook so it rests at the spot where it joins into the plastic/wood part of the hanger. Because soda can tabs have two holes, take another hanger and loop it through the other hole, and then hang another garment on it.

For the second way of approaching it, you can use chains and s-hooks, both of which will accomplish the same goal. To do this, start by looping the s-hook onto the curtain rod and then attach the chain to it so it hangs down. Next, loop the hangers onto each link in the chain so it’s staggered down vertically. The trick is to use light, thin garments so you both don’t create a lot of horizontal space and risk bringing the closet rod down.

Dedicate a Space Just For Scarves


If you’re into scarves at all and have a bit of a collection of them, keeping them neat and organized is a tricky venture. Some homeowners fold them and keep them in a box or container, while others like to have drawn out and on easy display. Folding them does take up less space, as many fashionable scarves can be compacted down quite a bit. But for scarf-wearers who like to be able to see what they’ve got easily before making a decision, then the second option is a must. Instead of wasting space by using separate hooks for each scarf, buy a pack of shower curtain rings and attach them to the straight part of the hanger. From there, all you have to do is thread each scarf through a separate ring, with everything taking up just as much space as a hanger does.

Create Spots for the Small Stuff


If you’ve got jewelry, watches, ties or anything else small that can fit in your closet, create a spot just for that instead of mixing it among everything else. For jewelry, old tea boxes are an excellent idea, as they can easily take layers inside to double up on the space. Another option is to rest a small bowl on a horizontal shelf, and use that as a catchall for things like loose change, receipts, business cards, and anything else you may collect in your pockets. And to get just that extra little bit of space, consider using a pouch instead of a bowl, and hang it on the inside of your closet door.

Take the Shoes Out of There


Closets are popular resting spots for shoes and boots, but they mostly serve to take up precious space. It’s also valuable space you could be dedicating to other garments and items that can’t be stored as efficiently elsewhere as footwear can, so work on finding new spots. First, though, get a shallow box with sides an inch or two high, and not wider than your chest of drawers or another similar shelf. Next, place your shoes on there and voila! You instantly have a new spot for your shoes and have opened up more in your closet. This may not work for everyone, especially if your chest of drawers touch the floor, but other spaces, like under the bed, can substitute in just fine.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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