What Your Living Room Color Combination Says about You
With the exception of a small handful of homeowners, living rooms are decorated and painted. How each one looks, though, varies a lot: some are completely ahead of current trends, others have a timeless and classic look to them, and others still completely ignore everything. But what you probably don’t know is that the color combination you picked reveals just about everything in your personality, even though you may have only picked the colors because you liked how they looked. To learn what secrets your living room is telling about you, read on.

Soft, Clean, Pale Hues


Color schemes that involve whites, grays, taupes, silvers or other soft hues speak of a person who won’t get in your face about every small thing. They like to have a tranquil environment where confrontation is at a minimum. On the downside, people with this color scheme are also hesitant to go the whole nine yards for what they believe in, and may back off if they sense a fight is brewing. If you’re visiting someone with this color combination, be prepared to wait for them to open up, as it’s not something that’ll happen right off the bat.

Soft Cool Colors


If you’ve outfitted your living room in pale greens and blues, chances are, you’re a person who likes to keep a relaxed pace of life. Blue is the symbol of tranquility, while green is representative of the peaceful aspects of nature. Making these colors soft and pale emphasizes this, which makes you a person who’s gentle, loyal, strong and deep-rooted. You’d rather not be on the go all the time, and recognize the importance of stepping back to take a break from life.

Dark Colors Like Browns and Blacks


In general, painting your living room in dark colors says you like a cozy atmosphere, one that’s warm, inviting and close knit. But there’s a difference between dark colors like brown and black:


  • Brown: This earthy color is warm and deep-rooted, making you the kind of person who literally likes to have their living room be their cave. You like things to be steady and reliable, but that doesn’t mean you’re entirely closed off from adventure, either.
  • Black: This is a really bold choice to go with your color combination, as black is a dramatic, permanent choice. People who choose black as one of the dominant colors in their living room tend to have an artistic streak, but also keep private details about themselves close to their chests.

    Jewel Tones


    Colors like rich greens, purples, blues and reds are called jewel tones for a reason: they’re regal and make their presence announced right away. Same goes for you if this color combination fits, as you’re the type of person to be bold, confident and great with people. There’s definitely a glamor streak within you, but just be careful to keep it on the gracious side of things.

    Bright Colors


    Closely related to jewel tones, bright colors are vivid and lifelike, usually occupying the middle area on paint swabs. For example, a jewel green would have a mutedness to it, while a bright green is more of a lime or grass type of green.

    The brightness of colors in this combination is just what it sounds like: you’re an energetic person who grabs life by the horns and doesn’t let go easily. Colors like yellow and orange mean you’re cheerful, playful and happy, while red signifies you’re intensely passionate and curious about everything in life. And if you chose purples, then you’re an unconventional person who takes independence seriously.

    Amy Wright
    Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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