Remodel Your Bathroom into James Bond's Bathroom
Bathrooms aren’t the stodgy places they used to be, and redesigning it with a specific theme in mind can elevate it into the ultracool sphere. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can James Bond-ify your bathroom to make it a destination instead of a pit stop.



This will require a lot of remodeling, as well as having the luck to be facing out onto a big green space through the window, but the view is unparalleled. If you’ve got lots of private space on your property, install floor to ceiling windows by your shower and encase it in glass doors so you look out onto trees and green fields.

For a more budget- and remodel-friendly approach, hang a 007 curtain on your shower and outfit the inside with tech gadgets, like pot lights, projector TV and adjustable showerhead.



Although James Bond was clearly a shower kind of man, having a bathtub on hand was useful for all of his lady conquests. But he wouldn’t just stick any old bathtub in his bathroom, and it had to have his own mark of style on it.

Choose a stand-alone tub in either white or black—depending on what color scheme you’ve got going on with the rest of your bathroom—and find one with rounded edges. James Bond was a sleek, smooth man, and the bathtub’s curves should reflect that.

Vanity and Sink


Washing your hands is no ordinary humdrum task when it’s styled to look like James Bond had uses it. Keep a cool look by using large bulbs around the vanity, but not stylized in a Hollywood way. James Bond was subtler than that, but he still liked brightness in the bathroom.

For the sink, add an edgy, masculine touch by choosing either sharp edges and a boxy appearance, or elevated scoop sinks on a dark countertop. The key is to have a bit of a retro look without going too dated, and clean lines are an easy way to go.



One of the classic hallmarks of any James Bond movie is the opening gun barrel sequence where the spy is shown on a white backdrop, walking through what looks like the barrel of a gun before he whips around and fires his own weapon.

Mimic that look on your walls by painting them in red, white and black. There should be a white circle in the middle, with a red strip on the top (give it wavy lines on the bottom of the strip) and filled in with black. Remember to add concentric lines to achieve the look of the inside of the barrel. And whether or not you choose to add in Bond’s silhouette in the middle of the white circle is completely up to you.

Color Palette


The last thing to remember is how you’re going to go about the general decorating scheme. James Bond favored cool colors, which means you should look to using blues, greens, whites, silvers and blacks in your palette.

But no James Bond bathroom is complete without a dash of red to tie everything back to who he really was: a spy with a license to kill. And what better color to signify that than with red? But just a small splash of it, enough to draw attention to it without diverting the eye elsewhere.

Image by JingdianJiaju under the Creative Commons Liscense

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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