How To: Getting the House Ready for Spring
Spring is quite literally just around the corner, and that means it’s time for the annual turnover time as homeowners prepare for warmer--and wetter--weather. There isn’t much you have to do, but the few steps are important not to miss.

Check the Insides


Do a walkthrough in your house and pretend you’re sealing it up for the winter, and this will give you an idea of what has to be undone. Some common areas include:

  • Plastic sheeting to insulate the windows
  • The furnace, to make sure it’s still running efficiently for any cool days
  • A/C units, or the central air unit
  • The chimney, to make sure it hasn’t become blocked during the warmer and last days of winter
  • Ceiling fans, so they’re running counter clockwise (in winter, ceiling fans should be reversed to run clockwise)
  • Smoke alarms, even though you might think the risk is less in the spring and summer


    Once you’ve got this taken care of, it’s time to head outside and roll up your sleeves.

    Feel the Sun on Your Face


    Checking the outside to get it ready for spring can be divided into landscaping (or gardening) and structural. The former takes a post of its own, but there are a few quick tips for the latter that are easily divided up.

    The first thing you should do (just as a personal preference, as it gets the riskiest and highest-up work out of the way first, instead of doing everything else and then climbing up on a ladder) is check the eaves and drainspouts to make sure they’re clear. This is definitely not an area to skimp on, as spring rains can quickly flood the eaves and cause water damage in your house. Take the time to either clamber up on the roof or move the ladder around, and get every leaf and bit of grime out, and then strong-hose it down after to make sure it’s clean.

    If you do go up on the roof, perform a quick inspection to check the quality of the materials just to make sure you don’t need to call a roofer. You may also want to cut down any tree branches that overhang onto the roof, with the bareness of them in the spring make the job a lot easier.

    This is also a good time to check all your hoses to make sure they’re not dry, cracked, frayed or splitting. A good garden hose is a hugely understated thing, as a bad one kinks easily and will fall apart long before it’s time. Tip: look for a nylon fiber expandable garden hose for a super easy time, but just make sure not to leave it in the sun or drag it over concrete.

    Now that you’re back on terra firma, take your eyes off the spring-blue sky and cast them downwards, down onto the sidewalk and driveway. Just like roads suffer the ravages of winter, snow and ice, so, too, do your sidewalks and driveway. Give any cracks a quick sealing to keep them in top shape for the warmer months.

    Lastly, give your barbecuing gear and patio furniture a thorough washing, as they’ve both accumulated a lot of grime over the winter. Don’t take half-hearted measures on this step either, with a full effort making maintenance during the warmer months a lot easier.

    Preparing your home for the spring doesn’t require much effort, but rather a thorough inspection and a good eye for detail. It’s also important not to skip any of the steps because that’ll make the summer months--the time when you’re supposed to enjoy yourself--just filled with more work.
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