Adding an Extra Bedroom

Adding An Extra Bedroom

Individuals who have a lot of space in their home and feel as if they need to focus on separating spaces or making space for new additions to their household may want to consider the option of remodeling and adding an extra bedroom into the general design of the house. Assuming you have a space wide enough to accommodate an extra bedroom and the budget necessary in order to have this created professionally, adding an extra bedroom is a great way to welcome a new addition to your family and is also an ideal way to improve the worth of your house. As you can imagine, the worth of your house with a four bedroom home is much less than the worth of your house if you have a five bedroom home instead. On the professional level, remodeling your home by adding another bedroom is generally accomplished by creating a wall and a separator between the two rooms. Creating a wall is the most ideal option because then you can have electricity and doorways in the new room that you are creating, which works towards the benefit of either room. The downside of handling this on a DIY basis, despite how it’s cheaper, is that you don’t have the convenience of having extra electricity and doorways in these areas. Likewise, there’s less of a benefit towards the overall worth of your home because DIY methods generally are not viewed as creating another room, though it is possible in some situations.

Your best goal for professional results is to contact a contractor in the area. Measure out the size of your room and create a plan or a blueprint so that you can get a quote on the overall pricing for the project. The contractor will be able to provide you with the information for the amount of time that it will take to construct the walls and other related aspects, as well as any of the materials that may be needed. Depending on the service that you are using, the final cost may already factor in the cost of your materials. In most cases, people never regret their decision to create an extra bedroom or room because it increases the value of their home and improves the overall appeal of the household as well.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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