Children's Tutus

Creating Do It Yourself Tutus

Whether you have young children or older children, almost everyone loves wearing a tutu for those impromptu play dates and dance sessions. As you have probably already noticed, it’s fairly costly to purchase these from some of the more popular stores that are available locally and on the internet. As an alternative, you can make tutus for your children for a much cheaper price. Many children prefer this option because it allows them to have something that is unique completely to them, something that other children in their group will be unlikely to have. Here are the steps to make tutus at home.

For this project, you will need elastic for the waistband, scissors, tulle, a needle and thread, or a sewing machine. Basically, you are going to measure out the waistband to the size of your child’s waist and then cut the elastic appropriately. If you’re feeling questionable about the length that you cut based on your child’s measurements, you can compare the length to the elastic found in a skirt or underwear for a more reliable reference. The elastic will need to be secured at the ends, so you can sew this together either with a need and thread or with a sewing machine. It’s very minimal sewing, so you can use a needle and thread even if you’re not particularly skilled with sewing.

Take the tulle that you have chosen and cut it into long strips – the length and thickness can be any size that you want. When you have done this, fold the strips in half and then place them under the waistband. After positioning this area, you can pull the two cut ends of the tulle through the loop that’s created at the top folded end. Tighten as needed until you have the loose ends sticking out on the side of the elastic. Repeat this process until the entire elastic is covered by the tulle. You can arrange this with as much tulle as needed in order to make full tutus. Alternating with colors and other types of fluffy materials is another fun way to make a unique style.

Amy Wright
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