About Remodeling a Mobile Home Kitchen

About Remodeling a Mobile Home Kitchen


If you have a mobile home, the appliances, cabinets, hardware, and other items in the mobile home are probably outdated and made of cheap materials. Many mobile homes are built with factory materials that aren’t the sturdiest and don’t look great. However it very possible to transform your mobile home kitchen into one that is pleasing to the eye, and includes the modern appliances and cabinetry that any other kitchen has.

Consider the Layout


Start by looking around the mobile home kitchen and considering the current layout and size. Are there ways you can completely re-do how it is laid out or are you limited to the current layout with updated appliances? The budget you have set is going to determine exactly how much remodeling there is to do, but a lot of kitchens in mobile homes are very open to complete remodels with the ability to switch things around quite a bit, including taking out lower cabinetry for installing a dishwasher.

Paint the Cabinetry


One each remodeling project that makes a big impact on the appearance of your mobile home kitchen, is painting the cabinetry. To paint your cabinetry, you will need to pull off all of the cupboard doors and remove drawers. Remove the hardware before panting. If you’re replacing the hardware, which is another great idea, you can throw the old ones out and after painting simply install the new hardware you purchased. You want to paint over a smooth surface, so you may need to sand down the cabinetry before painting.

Replace the Countertops


Another project that goes a long way to improving the look and function of your mobile home is replacing the countertops. If you purchased an older mobile home, it might have never had an upgrade which means those countertops have been there since the 70s. They no doubt need an upgrade! You can purchase inexpensive countertop materials that look like natural stone, marble or granite but are actually laminate and work very well in mobile home kitchens.

Install New Tile


Your mobile home undoubtedly has aged linoleum installed, but your mobile home’s foundation is most likely strong enough to handle upgraded tile. You may not be able to install hardwood flooring, though you can ask a contractor about your options. However you can get laminate tiling that looks just like real wood but is actually better for your kitchen because it is scratch and moisture-resistant. For a DIY flooring job, choose the tiles that snap into place to make it an easy DIY job.

These remodeling projects go a long way toward improving your mobile home kitchen and make it more functional and style. Don’t forget adding new appliances is another great option, as long as you measure and get the right dimensions.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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