How to Create an Indoor Playroom for Kids

How to Create an Indoor Playroom for Kids


Creating an indoor playroom has multiple benefits, aside from being a fun place for your kids to play with toys, do craft projects, and stay busy with indoor activities. There are dozens of ways you can set up, create and decorate your playroom, much of which will depend on your children and what their interests are. Creative children would enjoy an arts and crafts area while active children would enjoy having access to all of their indoor toys. It also frees up room in the other areas of your home, so that all toys and activities are in the playroom alone. The playroom also doesn’t need to be elaborate or complex; simply a nice room for your children to play safely that is low maintenance and easy to clean is perfect for your family.

Safety First


The first goal for your playroom should be making it child-safe. Not only will your children be playing in the room but cousins, neighbors, and friends will most likely play and learn in this space. Follow general safety precautions as you would any other area of your home such as avoiding furniture with sharp edges, not keeping out any cleaning supplies or chemicals, shielding any unused electrical outlets with outlet covers, and being sure to cover or fill in any cracks in the walls. When painting or remodeling a room for a playroom, be sure to use natural, non-toxic products.

Create a Durable Room


The playroom needs to be a place where your children can play to their hearts content, which means it should be as durable as possible. Create a space where your children can play and explore freely, without worry that anything will be broken. Remove any breakable items that can be removed, and use table or ceiling lamps that are kept safely out of their reach. Any furniture or storage shelving you choose to place in the playroom should also be durable.

Place Fun Furniture


While much of the playroom will include boxes and bins of toys and other activities, there should also be some furniture to make it inviting. Choose child-size tables and chairs, including folding chairs, wooden chairs, or even bean bags and floor cushions to spread around the room.Foam play mats are also a big plus in any play room, regardless of your children’s ages.

Utilize All of Your Space


Regardless of how big or small the room is, every inch of it can be used. Rather than only using the walls for décor, place floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or other shelving units. These can be used for a wide variety of things including storing toys, books, games, craft supplies, and other items the kids might like.

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