Kitchen Remodeling

There are many fine points to think about when remodeling a kitchen. It’s important to design a kitchen that will be able to reflect the style and taste of the homeowner. It should also be a design that the homeowner will be able to love for many years far into the future. Whether dealing with the design process for oneself or to eventually sell the home, it’s important to create something timely that will be enjoyable. However, homeowners shouldn’t have to feel as if they are sacrificing their personality for an acceptable style either.

Remodeling the kitchen means that the homeowner should be able to create something that will be unique to them. It should be a reflection of who they are and what they want to embrace and achieve with their vision for their kitchen. However, when homeowners determine that they want to remodel to improve the worth of their home for sale in the future, many of them stop remodeling for themselves. They start remodeling based on trends and end up creating something that they don’t love as much as if they had remodeled it to fit their own personal tastes.

At the same time, it’s challenging because a lot of real estate agents and remodeling professionals say that homeowners shouldn’t remodel based on their own interests or tastes because it may not have a good reflection towards prospective buyers in the future. There are some people who claim that kitchens and other areas that are remodeled purely based on what the homeowner liked are examples of remodeling gone wrong and that it ultimately prevents potential buyers from being interested in the property itself. However, this can’t always be verified.

A worse nightmare that many homeowners have is that they remodel their kitchen to be suited towards their preferences and then a real estate agent or related professional tells them that those choices are the reason why the home isn’t selling in the future; so then they are forced to rip out all of that work and remodel the kitchen again. This forces them to remodel a kitchen that they had already approved of and essentially tear it down for the sake of remodeling it into something that seems more popular or acceptable based on the terms of the industry or the market at the time.

Ultimately, if a homeowner is planning on spending the next few years in their home, then they should be able to create something that they will love and enjoy for that period of time. It is understandable to want to remodel the kitchen to become something that prospective buyers will love; however, they should think about the elements that they can use to tie in parts of their own interests or needs into the kitchen design as well. This will enable them to create a kitchen that not only they will love, but also any prospective buyers in the future.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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