Christmas Paradise

Turning Your Kid’s Room into a Christmas Paradise

With Christmas only a month away, now’s the perfect time to start decorating. It’s not too soon or too far in advance, yet early enough that stores have a good selection and no crushes of crowds.

Small Bit of Lights

Hang Christmas lights on a window

For a subtle Christmas touch that doesn’t require too much intrusion, hang a line of Christmas lights around your child’s window. Small bulbs give a soft look, while icicle lights add depth and dimension. To get the Christmas lights to stay in place, use clear-colored pushpins in between the twists of the cord.

As an alternative, you can hang curtain Christmas lighs behind the window shears, giving a soft glow that travels the length of the window.

Lighting the Whole Room

For a truly magical Christmas wonderland, string lights in a border around your child’s room.

This design requires a bit more skill and planning, but the effect can be magazine-quality. First, find the outlet where you’ll be plugging in the lights (a corner works best). Either extend the lights into the corner from the outlet (leaving a bit of slack), or use a small transparent extension cord to avoid the look of lights running up the wall. Next, use clear pushpins between every second or third light, fastening the string to the wall just below where it meets the ceiling.

Tacking them close together helps keep the lights in a neat, straight line, giving them a professional appearance. You can also scallop them so they hang down in little symmetrical curves, but make sure you measure carefully so they’re balanced. The easiest way to do it is to use the rule of halves: using two walls for each string of lights, find the halfway point of the lights and pin them to the corner separating the two walls. Continue finding the halfway points of the lights, and align it to the halfway mark on the wall until you’ve either used up the string of lights, or they’re scalloped enough for your liking.


Flesh out your child’s room with garland and tinsel, hanging it by itself or with the lights.

Before you hang the lights, twist the garland and lights together to create a seamless effect. Then, go as close to the ceiling as possible to create a professional-looking trim, using green- or clear-colored pushpins every second light. When you’re just hanging lights, you can use pushpins every third light or so, but the added weight of the garland calls for more support, so use one every second light.

Frosted Windows

Use a can of spray snow to create a wintry appearance on windows.

To achieve a genuine wintry, Christmas look, spray “snow” onto your child’s windows, making it look frosty outside and cozy inside. Aim for the heaviest frost look in the corners (using the same corner for each pane, e.g. bottom left or bottom right), and spray a little line up the sides and bottoms.

You can also use stencils on the windows to draw designs, such as snowflakes, Santa, icicles or trees.


To finish transforming your child’s room into a Christmas paradise, add the final touches.

Place a small Christmas tree in the corner, with 3ft a good height that won’t overpower the rest of the decorations.

You can also set up a little Christmas table with a Santa, candles, manger scene or Christmas village.

Quick post: For easy steps on how to transform your child’s room into a Christmas paradise, read here to learn how simple it can be.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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