Remodeling Mistakes Avoiding Permits

Avoiding permits is a fairly serious issue that some homeowners are guilty of when they are dealing with their remodeling projects. In the effort to try to save money or to just get the work taken care of, some homeowners avoid getting the necessary permits or they use a contractor or related service that isn’t responsible for permits or even licensed. As a result, they find themselves dealing with work that may not be completely up to code and may not even work correctly. In some situations, if it’s discovered that the work was done without a permit, homeowners may be forced by the state to tear out the work - making it a waste of money.

Another matter here is that if work is done without a permit and then something serious happens at the home, the homeowner’s insurance isn’t going to cover it at all. Although avoiding permits may be a way to save money, it’s never worth it. It makes it difficult to ensure that the work has been done correctly and meet safety measures. It also makes the majority of the remodeling project a waste of money, because it ends up being an investment that the homeowner ultimately loses if the unpermitted work is discovered. The best way to avoid any issues is to ensure that all work is done by a professional and that it meets any standards and permits in the area.

Having work handled without having a permit can be very risky when dealing with remodeling. It would be a waste of the homeowner’s money to have the project handled in this manner because it would mean that they would lose the value of their investment if it were ever discovered that the work wasn’t done according to code. There have been instances where homeowners invested quite a bit of money into their project, only to have the work destroyed and removed when the housing authority discovered that the work wasn’t done with a permit. It is a very risky and somewhat illegal act to even consider, so for that reason, it’s best for homeowners to avoid it when they are trying to save money on their project. Ultimately they save themselves money by not risking the loss of their funds on work that hasn’t been approved with a permit.

Although there are many ways to save money when working on a remodeling project, avoiding permits is not the way to go. If the price of the permits is costly, then it can be a good idea to discuss the options with the contractor to find out if there are any alternatives that would provide a cheaper price. Another option might be to avoid having that work done if the homeowner cannot currently afford the permits. These are elements that need to be considered with the remodeling team before any commitment is made.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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