Increases in Remodeling Shape Trends

In a recent trend analysis, real estate professionals discovered more people are remodeling. These remodeling endeavors are shaping the trends professionals are finding in new and old homes hitting the market. The analysis showed that 43% of the current remodeling projects are done on bathrooms. This is obvious when you look at design articles, pictures, advertisements, and home improvement sells. Bathroom tiles, fixtures, appliances, and storage options are all the rage in real estate trends. More and more people are considering the bathroom options when they purchase a home. Double sinks, storage closets, larger showers and tubs, and upgraded energy efficient fixtures are the trend.

Family Shaping Trends


The recent trends showed an increase in living room and family entertainment remodeling projects as well. In fact, over 32% of the remodeling projects in a home are being handled in the family room or living room areas. These remodeling projects include everything from computer based home entertainment and theatre systems to new carpeting and paint. It all depends on the family's needs. With economic issues hitting many areas of the country, living room remodeling jobs to accommodate family gatherings and entertainment nights are popular. This popularity has caused trends in furniture, remodeling elements, and DIY project kits. The projects are also quick and easy with many taking as little as a two day weekend to complete.

Purchases Shaping Trends


Home remodeling purchases are also shaping trends. People are looking for the least expensive way to get the highest quality remodeling job completed. They are not necessarily looking for bargains. They are looking for ideas that increase the look, value, and comfort of their homes in the best way possible. This has lead to remodeling kits hitting the market. These kits include everything someone needs to handle smaller remodeling projects like small bathroom and kitchen upgrades.

Changing Needs Shaping Trends


Homeowners are looking for their homes to meet their needs and these needs change. These trends generally start with the basic appearance of a room. For example, a décor idea may have been wonderful a few years ago, but now it doesn’t fit the needs of the room or the likes of the homeowners. This has lead to a growing trend in vinyl wall décor. You can paint the wall a base solid color and add the vinyl wall decals to make it look like a stencil or other specialty design. When you get tired of the look you can remove it and add another one without having to repaint the room.

Storage needs are another trend setting remodeling concept. Hidden areas, using unused space, and storage options in every room are increasingly popular. These storage trends take little time and effort and can change the entire look of a room while removing clutter.

With an increasing number of homeowners remodeling it is only a matter of time before trends start to change. Trends now are built on the concept of long lasting comfort and ease of living. Though this trend may change soon, it will be some time and for now the trends are working for both the real estate world and the homeowner world.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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