Does Green Remodeling Save Money?

Green remodeling, green living, sustainable living, and the go green movement have been popular for over three decades now. This movement sees a rise and fall in popularity depending on the economy and on the individuals who are at the forefront of the movement. One of the biggest questions homeowners will ask when they are faced with a green remodeling option, is if the green remodeling actually save some money in the long run. Here are a few green projects that may cost a bit upfront, but save thousands overtime.

Tankless Water Systems


Some green remodeling projects do save you money on things like your electric and water bills. Installing a tankless water system is one way of increasing the value of the home as well as lowering a utility bill or two. The tankless water system requires less energy to heat and less water as well. Other green remodeling options such as energy saving appliances, water saving valves, and solar powered utility items all save money in the long run.

Installing Solar Panels


Solar panels can reduce the cost of your heating, cooling, and overall electricity bills. The first place homeowners will see a difference is with tax breaks. The IRS offers certain tax breaks for those homeowners that choose to install solar energy items in their home. After the credits, a homeowner will start to see their utility bills lower. A great benefit to solar panel installation is the ability to still have power during storms and when power in most areas is out. The best combination for a homeowner is to install solar panels and combine that installation with a solar backup generator. This increases the value of the home while lowering bills and giving a sense of security over power outages.

Artificial Grass


This green remodeling idea may sound odd and it may seem silly, but some homeowners are doing it. There are companies that offer artificial or synthetic grass that is good for the environment. This grass is made from recycled materials and offers several benefits to a homeowner. A synthetic lawn does not require mowing and it does not require gallons of water to maintain. In fact, you do not need a lawn mower of any kind and maintenance is as simple as an occasional rinse, which you can leave to nature. This option costs around $14,000 to install. The savings on water, gas, and upkeep in the first year is around $1000 or more and only increases overtime. Within a few years the grass has paid for itself.

The main areas green remodeling projects effect your savings are with water bills and energy bills. The problem for most homeowners is the original cost to put these remodeling projects into motion. You can count on costs for a tankless water system, for example, to be double or triple that of a standard hot water heater. Solar panels can cost over $20,000 to install and artificial lawns run roughly the same amount give or take $5,000. The truth is, over time they all pay for themselves in savings.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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