Changing Trends in Remodeling

Remodeling trends change for various reasons. Some trends come from how homes are selling and what is working in the market. Other trends stem from television shows, remodeling shows, and online ideas. Real estate blogs, DIY articles, and other online resources also influence trends. Even the economy will influence the various remodeling trends. These trends may not matter to you if you are planning a personal DIY project. If you are planning a project in order to sell your home or increase the value for an upcoming sell, then these trends will be vital. Here are the top trends for Fall and Winter of 2013.

Hardwood Flooring


Replacing carpet and bringing out the original hardwood floors of a home is a huge trend. This trend is linked to several reasons. The main two reasons for this trend are health and costs. Carpeting traps allergens in the fibers. No matter how many times you vacuum and clean the carpet, the allergens are still there. For a family with asthma or a family concerned about the quality of the air in their home, carpeting can be a nightmare. The cost of carpeting can also be a problem. Consider that carpeting with installation is a cost of at least $1000 or more depending on the size of the area. That same carpet will need to be replaced every six to ten years depending on the daily traffic to the area. These issues can be avoided by a simple one-time payment to have the carpet removed and the hardwood floor renewed.



Textures are a huge trend for Fall and Winter 2013 decorating and remodeling. Texture can appear everywhere. In fact, take a trip to your local hardware and home improvement store. You will see that even the paint section has specialty pants that create a suede look, stucco look, or other type of textural feel to the wall. Textures are also seen on cabinets, countertops, bathroom fixtures, and throughout the home in places you would not expect.

Homes for Multi-Generational Living


Multi-Generational home remodeling projects are huge for 2013. The economy and related issues influenced this particular trend. It is becoming increasingly difficult for college students to afford residence halls while older family members facing retirement may not be able to move. For this reason, families are now considering a multi-generational living environment. This has created trends in remodeling that allow for longer lasting and generationally appealing fixtures, designs, and color pallets.

The truth is trends will change depending primarily on how people live and what they are currently looking for in a home. Sales will be the primary influence. This is a good point for the 2013 remodeling season. It means that trends will not change drastically in the coming months to years, allow your next remodeling project to last longer without a costly face-lift. It also means if you are considering selling your home in the next few years, the remodeling you do now will still be appealing then. These trends and more are something to consider for the DIY project enthusiast as well as the real estate developer.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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