Finding The Best Remodelers

Many homeowners wonder how they are ever going to find a contractor who will be able to handle the remodeling job for their home. They have heard countless remodeling horror stories about how contractors have gone MIA in the middle of a project or have ruined the work because they weren’t experienced. The skills of many homeowners lie outside of the arena of construction, so they are already aware that they will be very dependent on the individual that they find to execute their remodeling project.

This type of thinking is what has spurred over 2 million inquiries for general contractors in the U.S through the Better Business Bureau in 2012 alone. The statistics show the negative stories are not as common as many people think -- there were only 5,355 last year. It may be in part that the natural selection process during the challenging economy throughout the past few years has left only some of the best companies that would be able to stay in business throughout the instability of the economy. Although that may be possible, there is no shortage of contractors in Utah. Many defunct firms are starting up again since the economy is starting to improve. The bottom line is that each homeowner aspires to select the most experienced contractor that they can find for their project.

Of course, not every contractor is created equal, so what do homeowners need to know when they are making the decision about who they should select for their project? Construction and remodeling are completely different on any scale that you compare them. A contractor that’s incredibly skilled in construction may have many struggles when they are dealing with remodeling, in consideration of this. If you are remodeling a home, it’s important to choose a contractor who has a long history of experience in residential remodeling construction. If you have an older home, you will want to look for a specialty contractor who would be able to handle the issues that may come with working on a more historical home.

A general contractor assembles, manages, and directs a team of subcontractors. They coordinate and warranty their work on the construction of the home as well. Contractors tend to be experts in the cost, logistics, and methods associated with building. It’s common for some architecture and remodeling companies to partner with general contractors to form a design-build team that involves the contractor from the beginning of the project. This is a very common method for executing a construction project. It allows for the unification of the flow of work and allows all participants to be able to contribute in their area of expertise. In addition, considering the budget throughout the design process is very important when you are creating a project that can move forward in a responsible and detailed manner. In this sense, it can be very advantageous to have an architect and contractor paired together because they can see how their focuses will coincide with the budget for the project.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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