7 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling

Hiring A Disreputable Contractor


Homeowners often make the mistake of hiring a contractor who has a poor reputation. Often times, they hire someone who has bad reviews or no reviews at all. When homeowners opt for a contractor without doing the necessary research, the results are very disappointing. A contractor with a poor reputation can produce low quality work at an unfair price and truly make your remodeling project into a nightmare. When hiring a contractor, you should take the time to conduct background checks, ask for information about their experience, and learn more about their previous work references.

Not Requiring License


To avoid some increased costs, some homeowners are hiring unlicensed contractors. This means that the contractors do not have a professional license and they don’t have the proper insurance or bonds to handle their work. Without these safeguards, homeowners could be facing higher costs in the long run if something went wrong. For example, if there is an injury during the project, the homeowner may be forced to pay costs beyond what they would even anticipate. Hiring an unlicensed contractor leaves the customer unprotected.

Ordering Wrong Materials


Homeowners might try to order their own materials to save money, but this plan often causes problems. Often times, they order the wrong material or the wrong amount and this wastes time and money. If the wrong material is ordered, there is often no guarantee that the manufacturer will exchange the material without any compensation. It’s always a better choice to consult with the remodeling contractor to ensure that the proper materials and amounts are being ordered for the project.

Disregarding City Code


Depending on the size and extensive nature of a kitchen renovation, a building permit may be required. If a project is started without acquiring the correct permit, the city may be able to issue a stop work order and a fine or may take other forms of action. Kitchen remodels must abide by city code, including health and safety requirements and mechanical, residential, and electrical codes. Inability to comply with these codes will lead to fines and increased costs based on code violations.

Planning A Poor Layout


Unless the homeowner has experience, it is very easy to plan a poor layout. Often, the layouts that homeowners create are not compatible with switches or electrical outlets, which can lead to significant delays in the project’s completion.

Wrong Measurements


It is very common for homeowners to take the wrong measurements when remodeling the kitchen. Mistakes are often made when measuring cabinets, windows, and doors. This can lead to errors in ordering the proper materials.

Forgetting About Lighting


In many cases, electrical work is the first step in bathroom and kitchen renovations. If the project is started without considering proper electrical work that will be necessary, the results may be expensive and may significantly stall the process of the project. Homeowners should always make sure to consult with a contractor about electrical work and not try to handle the project if they are not qualified to do electrical work themselves.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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