Remodeling Expos Highest Anticipated Events for 2013

Remodeling expos are becoming one of the highest anticipated events for 2013 across the country. These expos feature events that normally were only attended by remodeling contractors, real estate professionals and DIY remodeling enthusiasts. However, more and more people are seeing the benefits of what these expos have to offer and how they can help homeowners, potential buyers, real estate developers and even renters. The expos are held throughout the country and are open to the public.

Benefits for Homeowners


Homeowners are one of the largest crowds now anticipating remodeling and building expos. These expos offer a homeowner the chance to get new project ideas and to see new home items that will be on the market in coming months. From storm windows to storm shelters, the options are wide open for homeowners to choose from. There are benefits for not only new homeowners, but also for homeowners of older modeled homes as well. There are always new project ideas or concepts on the remodeling market that can help maintain the look of a new home or keep the vintage look of an older home without altering the appearance. Homeowners can also benefit from networking with contractors and other individuals who can help them bring their projects to life. Free samples, coupons and other offerings are also available at expos that would not be available from in store visits.

Benefits for Potential Home Buyers


The fastest moving real estate on the market are older homes or land home packages. For a potential home buyer looking at one of these options, an expo can offer a large amount of insight and networking. Networking with contractors can offer a huge insight into what may be an affordable endeavor and what endeavors may be out of reach. There are also chances to discuss project ideas that would not be available to the home buyer otherwise. These expos allow a home buyer to see the projects and true potential of the home they are considering or will be considering in the future. It is one thing to purchase a lower valued property with the idea of creating several DIY projects, but hearing what is possible and what is realistic can change the buyers view on the land they are considering.

Benefits to Real Estate Agents


The real estate agents and developers may receive the most benefit from remodeling expos. These professionals are already aware of the type of remodeling they will need to do on a home or land home package before reselling the property. However, they may not know about new developments on the market. For example, new storm windows may be less costly and more energy efficient than previous designs. This could mean a lower remodeling bill for a developer with a higher turnout and energy efficient label for home.

The benefits of remodeling expos can reach all aspects of the real estate world. With new equipment, methods and remodeling items coming out each year it would only seem expected that these expos are highly anticipated. With more people turning to home remodeling and DIY remodeling, these expos will only continue to grow in popularity lending to more expos being offered throughout the year and throughout the country.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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